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Something. Yeah. Nowhere. Nowhere died. My mom's arms in our living room floor. They're important. So, you know, at that point nineteen sixty four your howled nineteen nineteen how does something like that impact. Not just you. But your plans for what you're gonna do with your life knowing this was somebody who had been skeptical, but was on your side. I don't think that his kept us as ever made me veer one way or another off of much Osen path at that point. I knew that was for what it was. You know, my dad was my dad, but he can't live your kid's life for him. And for whatever reason at that age. I this guy's not going to deter me from all show impact. No. And so it didn't and I left basically because I was going to school in LA data term to spin important, my mom, I lost my student standing as you know. Vietnam was going hot and heavy then, and I had a friend of my dad's that came over and said, I'm going to take up the Air National Guard base. I know this got the commanding officer out there should go talk to him. So I had an opportunity to not get drafted and shipped over. Vietnam, and I took it. Yeah. Joining national guard in Portland and a year to the day, basically, maybe not exactly the day. But a year later, I left my mom with tears in her eyes standing in a driveway bidding, farewell. This was a year after your father died, you're now heading to Hollywood Hollywood old Jag, Nick cave. When fifty nineteen fifty eight it was pretty racial pretty fishing green. And sitting next to me was a head of a Marlin had caught an fishing trip with a guy down in Mexico. It was quite a cited a member of the Bill was tapping on the window. I had to stop somewhere not for into the trip. Cad driving me crazy. So when you headed down there, what was the plan? You didn't really know anybody in the business, right? I did I did know somebody in the business recap of people that were very instrumental in me sitting up in being the typical starving actor with not a good job. One of my college friends fraternity brother, Richard hair was a guy that whose dad was connected to men in a in construction business ended up joining labor union when I got down there. So I had finances next door to my parents in Portland is reserve family whose son in law was an assistant director, and he came to visit one time and. Think his parents probably said there's this kid next door probably thinks he wants to be an actor. Would you sit in talk to him for a minute. This is Phil Parslow fuel pours low and just gotten off of a movie with Richard brooked. Call the professionals and we had this encounter. And I'm sure that he left thinking it never see me again. Down. And you know, I called him and said I'm in town working working in the construction business. Yeah. Come on over ended up doing some work. One day. I was up on top of the ladder painting ceiling and his hallway and this little guy with glasses and a suit Kim comes in and got him. Bob, contra news, a casting universal. And I used to go from working construction to hanging out in Bob's office. I was one of those guys at hung out offices. Whether it was agents or casting people or whatever when I first candidate down, we should say this particular office. So it's on the universal ad in a black tower. Right. And who do you encounter every day? When you go there there, isn't there a security guy who happens to be the same guy who was at the same time waving Spielberg onto the lot this kid who claimed you know, he just sort of Sumed was the son of an executive that was the beginning of Spielberg groti. Scotty yet. Suite of man that man and a great guard a of great guards at a lot of studio gates, but he was exceptional. So you're hanging out there with with Thompson now. And what does that lead to Bob? You know, there was a there was a contract program going hot and heavy that Monique James was running at that time at universal..

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