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Just don't know, but what you do know is that the roads are very slippery from The Rain right now, and you're just looking at that temperature. It's been amazing. 32° stuck there all morning long so far. All right, is everybody using a little caution driving neck or are they still tailgating you? Well, you know what? If you're on the highway, the odds are you're going to get those tailgaters. And there was a moment earlier when the sun was not out yet, someone was right behind me flashing their brights. I'm going it's 32°. I'm trying to avoid the ice. Come on. So you do get that all the time for sure, but you know, there are signs, electronic signs overhead that tell you to slow down due to possible ice. It is good to keep that caution in mind this morning because of the temperature because of all that rain on the roadway. And because of those crazy drivers Nick, thank you so much. Coming up here on WTO. Do you remember the January debacle on I 95? We will talk with one U.S. senator who was stuck at it. It's 8 O 7. Today's innovation and government report highlights the government's IT modernization opportunities. Bill Rowan, the vice president of public sector at Splunk, says agencies can no longer rely on the old ways of understanding the health and security of their networks. Today, because of that transformation, we now have to gather even more data and the time to analyze that data has gotten even more compressed. We need close to real time. The other part of it is, as innovation continues, how do we take in that new innovation? How do we take in that data and now start to compare and contrast it to the rest of the environment? Those type of activities is what's leading us to have a much better perspective on where the threat actors are or for that matter, where we are just making mistakes in the way we operationalize these environments. And their reseller partners help you imagine what your agencies capable of. Learn more at karosa dot com slash innovation. It's 8 O 8. Michael and sons peting tune up for only $69. Traffic and weather on the 8s, back to Jack now in the traffic center. With the yuck and the mass and the wet just take it easy if you have to be out there two 70s looking good at a Frederick so far,

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