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A real work of a real works quite reporting by a long extol go. It's fine it's fine to girl you stay right there. you know. Twenty thirty five knows nothing wrong with it so you definitely get thirty but a snack map. Yeah that's like a mini nap. Okay all right boot was looking at good morning. Good morning. i've got three so everybody watching you. Is that talking in the background. We're calling it. Is she off. Workers him on the phone can't put him on phone l. Very you know watching this people who found like asia. Then this is amazing to me they have cubicles tick tick tick it. Take a pitcher cubicle. Just you and just don't do this. I wanna see cubicle. Erat output everybody put a number one in sharon with was see with the borlase cubicle. I put a number one in the department put in. Groom please i mean just i'm just saying just can you know no no no. Don't don't don't pick up your phone don't they. They probably got cameras all over that. Don't do it. I tell you what going back until you go in the bathroom and take a picture of the bathroom. Take that woke that worked selfie in the bathroom lack. When you can't do anything can you when you go outside at ten thirty break and you take a picture of a tree outside. Let us can you take a picture of outside. can you do. Don't try to get these high and not trying to get you know. Of course say can you go outside at two to ten thirty wall to the corner and take a picture of an object anything. No not work related. Just we know that you're there. Oh wait you hang up the phone. Now i i don't wanna get you started you. Let's clap. she's doing a great job. That's right because you know. She always challenges making it to work on time but she was doing really good on her lap previous job. I don't have a challenge of making a i wait. They get right. I have to get to work super early functional. What time what time do you get to this job here. Now in one eight thirty fascinating down to union square eight o'clock and i go to the near record sri coffee. Why do you give frequently. 'cause they have some home and they gave me three one three two. Quit right on the page back. Do you ever do you ever. Do you have a running. Do you ever run the sean hayes jones when you're working in abroad but no one..

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