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To start the better. Your chances are when he championship. The recent history from russell wilson. Joe flacco the reason history of these rookie. Quarterback's is just that. You gotta win the deal on the rookie deal. Body of seems like we have a similar situation to what you were talking about with san francisco. Obviously playing out in chicago as well where you know the fans and nfl fans chicago. Bears fans are watching justin fields play. And they're salivating over. What could potentially be his amazing talent. And then matt nagy. It seems like after every practice and after every game is like andy dalton is gonna play week one. Or andy dalton. Says it's my time. Which is what you would expect them to say so. The bears win total. Not quite as the niners seven and a half so expectations a lot lower for chicago this year but similar question. Who do you think is going to end up starting in week one. What have you made a field so far justin feels. I liked him coming out of college. You guys everything about you. Understand anybody really passing on beyond. I was the second best quarterback and we got plays. The game was a tremendous amount of poise and confidence. I got you know. Look the allies. Chicago is a mess. I was up there at You know household couple of weeks ago. It was a mess. Then it's still a mess I've always liked jason peters but thirty nine years old if they think he's going to be the left tackle That's how great sign and you just watch. Justin feels the other day me. It goes on the field. It's thirty four three. I mean you know. He's playing with backup guys up front. He's running for his life He's hard today. A fair shake. You know to win the job. So they don't shamas any goes but the offense wide is very shaky right now and any don't got hit a bunch of the other day You know didn't look good. They look a lot like he did in dallas with backup tackles last year. He's not gonna be able to survive. And i don't wish any ill will anybody guys but but i mean he's gonna take some shots if this one doesn't vastly improve in the next two and a half weeks and if it's leaky like it was against buffalo and rook rookies greg. Crews were so and goes basham. They're all sack the quarterback but if it doesn't improve you're going to have a better chance to win games with justin fields because of his mobility translation. Bears are gonna have a better chance to win games with justin fields under center. We want against the rams likely anti domes. walter. I said it's all the brian ball diggers with us..

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