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Psaki the former communications director to president obama plus kate betting field who was biden deputy campaign manager and campaign. Communications director reports have also circulated who will fill out biden's team which is expected to announce this week likely appointees include obama's federal reserve chair. Janet yellen as treasury secretary princeton labor economist. Cecilia rouse as chairwoman of the council of economic advisers and near attendant longtime adviser to hillary clinton president of the center left. Think tank the center for american progress and dangerously prolific poster as director of the office of management and budget. Topping this off. Cbs is reporting. That the biden's will bring a cat with them to the white house. Wow the lead in. This story was buried at the most important thing. The cat is coming to the white house. Choosing a fancy cat in a bow tie would make the party's left-wing absolutely furious. Say put a bernie or bust shirt on that cat and let the catch run around mad at you because you put a shirt on it. I think everyone will be happy right. I think it's definitely a we need more loose cannon animals in the white house hundred percent get a ferret in there yes. Well tensions rose between israel and iran after the assassination of iran's senior nuclear scientists on friday. Most inflec- rosado is believed to have led iran's military nuclear program until it was disbanded in two thousand three and was subject to sanctions by the trump administration. He was shot near the capital. But details are still sketchy. State media pointed to a team of five or six gunmen in one report and a remote controlled machinegun and another the killing still under investigation. But iran's leader was not shy about accusing israel which has put that country on alert for a possible military response in the next few days experts. In the us including senator bernie sanders called the assassination. A move to undermine relations between the us and iran just as biden begins to transition into the white house. Trump's administration was responsible for creating what analysts called the worst era of us iran relations and forty years but many relations will improve if biden follows through with his promise rejoined the iran nuclear deal. I feel like i already saw. All of this happened in season for of homeland. And if you haven't seen homeland listeners. It doesn't end well for us. It is not not a good conclusion season. Four of homeland. Tens of thousands of people across france came out over the weekend to protest a newly proposed security law that would put a restriction on filming police officers. Police repeatedly fired tear gas into the crowds in paris on saturday. Even though the mood was largely peaceful aside from some demonstrators set fire to the country's central bank. Okay that is not minor if passed. The law would criminalize publishing images of police officers with the intent of causing harm as punishment. People could face up to a year in jail and a fine of over fifty thousand dollars civil liberties groups say the new proposal will take power away from the media and allow police abuses to go undiscovered. This all comes just days after video service of police officers beating michael a black music producer in paris. The officers responsible have since been suspended. Well we can't wait for them to be fired. America's favorite big steel beam in the desert the utah monolith disappeared this friday after capturing the country's attention for about a week. If you didn't hear about the monolith here are the basics was a ten to twelve foot tall three-sided piece of metal discovered in. Utah's red rock country by the states. Wildlife agency the objects remote location plus its lack of any attribution led some to speculate. It was the work of aliens who also brought us. The egyptian pyramids the aztec cities and anything not built by modern white. People ended on friday though when someone loaded the monolith onto a truck and took it away one hiker who was at the scene soon after said quote all that was left in its place was a message written in the dirt that said by bitch with a fresh peace day and right next to it. How fresh could it be in the desert. I've accused this guy. People definitely puzzle over the strange outerspace message for decades for me. I think it means by which Akilah i was just in utah for two weeks and i was near canyon. Lands the part of canyon lands where they found the monolith. And i'm not saying that. I did it but i'm not saying i didn't do it either. Yeah it feels a little on brand for you. I feel like if i had this jeopardy like by bits was written by this podcast. 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