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And welcome back to coast to coast George nori with you along with Robert Felix former architect became interested in the ice age cycle back in nineteen ninety one he then spent the next eight and half years full time researching and writing about the coming ice age in this book not by fire but by ice since then he's also written magnetic reversals an evolutionary leaps as well one of our favorite guests in areas Robert Felix hello my friend how are you. hello are you George looking for this hope you have great holidays Robertson kick in the new year the right way. no I'm looking forward to it yes what's a good phone the Serbs in Denver last weekend taping are beyond belief television shows and they were complaining about how warm the weather was in the fact that they have no snow which was on candy for them at that time a year will today they got blasted snow was hip to that's becoming more normal again in Saint Louis for him right now Robert is the hit close to eighty degrees today almost a record but it's going to get cold again you have always said that we're gonna coming stages of an ice age and now there are some scientists are beginning to say the same thing give us an update on that. well there are even in the latest one I just I just put it on my my website today but there's a doctor had the blue and do songs that is a that's a great name you could pronounce it anyway you want who's going to question right. but anyway he's a master physicist and he says that a new little ice age has begun he's not that it's going to be again not at some future date but right now and no doctor had to sign a top on the he's an astrophysicist but even.

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