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Day is in the books and we're taking stock of the sports world. It's time to find out who's up Who's down. Let's end the day right and hit the closing bill only on the Sack Guild show. Great Mikey B just texted me. He said he got his first gray hair at 19 years old. I would say mind probably came at about 22 23. But now being an old man a 26 years old, I'm starting to realize a lot more grey hairs. Well, the Milwaukee bucks is you make a awkward radio transition. Yeah, but they may be having a few gray hairs after today's performance. They didn't show up against the Orlando Magic and Orlando took it to them. How about Orlando going up 10 in this Syriza's the HC with 1 22 So 1 10 victory and in this game, you got Bruce ceviche with 35 points and he was five of eight from three, also added in 14 rebounds and four assists. Nice, nice, nice job by the Orlando Magic in Game one. We give them a stock up Fernando Totti's junior. Your own manager may be a schmuck in Jace Tingler criticizing you for not obeying the take sign and then hitting a grand slam and only being concerned about Oh, the feelings of Chris Woodward, like, stop it just because they used to work together just because Jason Taylor used to work for the Rangers organization. He shouldn't be trying to have this player scores many runs as possible. We have a young, exciting superstar in the game in Fernando Tattoos junior, he went deep. He went yard with the grand salami in a seven run game in the eighth inning, the crime Ah, baseball purists freaking out left and right. Enough. What? What Fernando status did was awesome. He made the game 10 3 Tau 14 3 10 3. You should be able to hold that lead down, but the games are out of reach. I'm a Mets fan. I've seen my team blow so many leads late in games. So now we're going to be critical. Fernando Tacitus Junior. And Chris Woodward is basically gonna order someone to throw Manny Machado. What a joke. But in all of this, we forget about Fernando tattoos, Junior and everyone's trying to make this a big deal about what he did or some people on most people. I think they're laughing at it. But there is a minority that go all. You shouldn't do that. He shouldn't do that. He shouldn't do that. In reality, though, Let's celebrate the greatness of Fernando Status Jr and not get caught up in these antiquated beliefs in baseball. So, Fernando status Junior keeping you next time you get a red light at 30 say Screw this. Give yourself the green light and put another one next to the cardboard cutout fans. We give Fernando status. Junior a stock up. Did you hear those ads in the backgrounds through Kovacs? No, I don't think I did know. I didn't realize that the volume on my computer some cell phone company When I was on ESPN started playing all these commercials. I don't know if you heard that voice in the background. All right, anyway, though, let's get to Carter Heart. Carter Heart had another shutout for the Philadelphia Flyers as they are 11 closer from eliminating the Montreal Canadians. Heart Heart becomes the third Flyers goaltender ever with consecutive playoff shut outs, the other to Bernie Peron and Michael Laden. So we give the Flyers young red hot goaltender, Carter Heart a stock up the Rockets today they did what they were supposed to do. And even without Russell Westbrook They got a victory against the Oklahoma City Thunder. James hard and showed up Nice to see 37 points in a playoff game also had 11 rebounds with six of 13 from three. But how about Jeff Green off the bench? Scoring 22 points. A nice job by Jeff Greene Also head in 33 pointers, We give the Houston Rockets A stock.

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