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Strong and Steady with Minister mornings 6 TO 10 on Newstalk 5 A.m. U G N I'm John Baxter. This is the John Baxter show. I welcome my colleague left. Go Lincoln, who has pen for all of us, an item that is unforgettable. Once you glance at it. This is the story and the forward right now of Nazi monuments. How many monuments honor fascists, Nazis and murderers of Jews around the world. And as the headline promises, you'll be shocked. I am and I've done a deal of history reading these last decades left. Congratulations and good evening to you. Thank you. For this. It's available in the forward. Impressing you along with some important people to get this into an E book and get it on Amazon right away because it is a treasure trove that will grow. What you have done is identified the unacceptable not to tear them down immediately. To challenge them to educate the population around them. That is likely unaware of what's happened in the past and what this means in the future. First of all, What is the project? As you understand it what you've assembled here? What does it mean to you left Good evening, too. Thank you. Ah and personal. Thank you to the forward for hosting this. The project to me is I was just fascinated that there's now this battle of of World War two is it truly becomes history? And you have all of these monuments, the vest majority of which move where put up in the past 20 years. So I've been covered 320 monuments and street names for Nazi collaborators over 16 countries and three continents. And when I say Nazi collaborators, I don't just mean somebody who gave like a Nazi a ride when the when their tire blew out. I mean, People could directly give military assistance to the third right where people could directly participated in the Holocaust. So these are not just questionable people. These are actual Nazi collaborators. And they have statues everywhere. I just once they started kept finding them and they're just they're an example of battles over history. And they're also just a shocking example of how we talk about Confederate monuments. But this has not come up at all. Even though this is Holocaust distortion. Well, it's coming up right now. Let's go to your first in the United States. Stepan, Bandera and Roman shook a bitch. Too much of a bus in upstate New York and Wisconsin. Who were they? And are the people of upstate New York and Wisconsin? Informed They were both Nazi collaborators in from Ukraine, members of the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists which participated in the Holocaust, who have it in particular, actually served in the Nazi exhilarate Police. You know, a police battalion? So this is a man who actually served not to Germany. Then she went on to murder 700 to 100,000 poles, which which is another fascinating things Offensive America let in. Thousands of Nazi collaborators, thousands of concentration guards Holocaust perpetrators. We welcomed them with open arms, despite the fact that we lost over 400,000 American troops fighting them. A man by the name of Me how all of it let the Serbian Chetnik check. Nick Paramilitary has statues in Cleveland, Milwaukee and to Chicago suburbs. Who was he? He was one of the hardest people for me to write about because she was so Checkered. He's somebody who's troops served. Allied with the Nazis, allied also with Mussolini. Okay, So this is somebody who was allied with the third Rice and whose groups also did carry out ethnic cleansing off other groups. He was also allied with Serbia's puppet government of the Nazis, which killed Serbia's used so fast. They were one of the quickest considered Jew Free nations in World War two where all the Jews have been exterminated. What He is also This man drives a Mikhailovich and his techniques and towards the later part of the war they switched, and they started working with allies and they wound up rescuing..

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