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I think the reviews I've seen so far maybe for the avengers. It's been good of alliance pick. It's not been so good kind of universally pan. So who's who's coming up next here? They're going to have to picks here. Coming up tonight. Second and third round eleventh in the second round twenty fifth in the third and really if they can justify TJ Hopkinson in the first with someone like, greedy Williams, the LSU cornerback here in the second or maybe Florida's John tailored. Then maybe people would feel a lot more comfortable. But this is a lot of it has to do with Eric Brown and the lions taking him in the first round a few years back. But Bob Quinn made it clear after the pick yesterday. He was not here for that selection. These are two different players. You can't compare the two and he spoke highly about pairing now Hopkinson the tight and not have Iowa Jesse James who they signed free agency to really good tight ends. Probably work a lot of eleven personnel. I mean, a lot of twelve personnel which is one back in two tight ends think. That's something that our offense can can really work through. I think we can be very multiple, you know, we can switch easily to eleven personnel. And you know, have Danny out there with our receivers. And then pick your poison to what tight end you wanna put on the field and lions will officially introduce Hopkinson to the media today that will take place at four o'clock in Allen park. Now the Tigers continuing nine game road swing tonight. They're opening up a weekend series of the White Sox Detroit understa game at the two or three Chicago just last week data Norris. We'll tow the slap tonight against Carlos robot. And you can hear it on ninety seven when the tickets starting at eight ten there's also to game ones in the Stanley Cup scoreboard tonight. Islanders playing host the hurricanes avalanche visiting the sharks. Meantime, one game on the hardwood. It's game six between the warriors and clippers Golden State up three games to two whisper fifteen and forty five past each hour..

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