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I just wonder if this show should be like more set up like mr bean where there's no plot on mr bean but mr bean would go and get on an airplane and then mr bean would go to the car wash and then mr bean with like go have a picnic and then you would just see him in these places in having whatever sort of problems he's going to have or all these situations that he's going to be in and it's fun and you don't need to set up something in the first par on the plane that's going to pay off in his picnic where answer taking a stuff away right i mean listen they worked as a as you know doing what they're doing now many times before so like i don't know if they need to kill all the plots but i like as like a thesis ef y you know worry more about like the jokes and at the story in every little thing sort of like needing to tied together which they haven't even done like a perfect job of the season i think is like a good sort of way to go okay all right key let's get into our rankings for this episode that you were going to great it like in english paper or what grade did you give this okay this episode i'll give a i don't wanna give go to seven i'll give it a seven point zero zero zero zero one why why is i think it's just like a tiniest bit above a seven okay i'll give it a seven hours i'm a much higher anew the yes yes we are on the opposite side of seven point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero five.

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