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Talking to michael jordan i think that everything would bron james says now is to say to michael jordan essentially this this just you and me gets us the last thirty years in basketball it's just you and me and i know i won't get six titles i get that but it's just you and me we're the best outdated further think this is the time of year we're traditionally we see the braun come up with some sort of mental game will yes yawn follows the team on instagram death later in the past this to me is sort of okay how am i gonna motivate myself for these playoffs where lot of people are picking us three in the east where we're gonna fall we might be able to get past boston people doing it bass toronto the wizards mike you a series in the first round at cetera et cetera this is the i don't get enough respect you have to know who i am i'm lebron ethic jay i'm playing the entire season at age thirty three this red on my title tread and the other person he's talking to side from nj what you're absolutely correct is dan gilbert dan we hates who i hate you better know better pay me out if you if you want me back you'd better pay and you better pay the people around me and you better get the coach that i want or just make me coach lou hasn't they haven't missed and they're not going to miss tyron the coach the coach on the general manager paul silence the coach the cavs lebron was twenty and lebron listening great player caress listen i totally agree with you on the you know i think he's really just having an internal monologue at this point he's already looking asked mj and what struck me about his comments was i want to change the narrative on what it means to be a fifteen year vet because that's only something that i can do and if you look at the numbers this year point similar to to that mvp run from away to twenty thirteen or so up slightly in assists and rebounds which.

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