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Leaves the ice surface. Good set up by the way along the near boards by Alex to break it down a lot of interviews here in the playoffs here, everybody wants to talk about the 19 year old Kirby Doc. It just seems like coming back. And basically it's his second season with four months off, abbreviated regular season four months off, you come into this format. A better understanding of what it takes to play in the NHL. Little bit stronger, fresh, ready to go, and he has been impressive face off taken by Doc Back to cane right point leaves it for vocalist along the right boards. Khuda break. It beeps Lotte, one timer and that was blocked in front of the net heat. Now the left point spends it down Left wing corner to dock Couple of 77 battle there, doc and cleft bomb of the Oilers. Pain scares the fuck. Three moves left point, Keith the vote quest right circle, but it passed through into the near rim of the right circle to do break it. Mystic was lifted Puck taken away by the Oilers Tarantula Hawk Zone, the Tyler and it's near the right point. Not a shot away, but it was blocked. Here's Kirby Doc falling down, lost the puck and then took it back. Just inside the hotline. Quick pass on the left wing to bring it to the Oiler blue line, You'll spend it diagonally into the right wing corner glass in the Oiler zone. Caleb Jones there to get it put the puck behind his net near corner to Russell. He is impaled with a body check from Julia. The Oilers get the puck, however, and clear they're in. As Jones listen through the air end of the Hawks, known Don, basically was reaching above and behind himself to glove that drop it to a stick and clear to center ice. And casting. It'll swing the puck down the boards behind the Hawk met Crawford calmly playing it to the near side boards to the Han, who became entangled with Andreas happen. A C U of the Oilers. Ethnicity leaves the puck to casting along the right boards. He coughed it up the Dylan Strome. Connor Murphy Center Ice Murphy Crossing the oil online Drop past Thrown Right circle tried to snap it infront deflect through and step to the left wing corner. Alex Knee lander there He's the puck fork. A jeweler jeweler on the left circle had pulled off his stick by Riley, Shake hand and and now Shay Hand battling with the lander and the left wing corner. Casula, sweeping the puck away around behind the Oiler net to the right point this later, cuckoo Spin it back down for caves along the right boards. Hes trying to angle a pass across this deflect the Caleb Jones he carries to the oil or blue line with a backhanded flip sends it down into the Hawk zone. Cuckoo put it away the near side boards to taste headed up The left wing Assad center ice over the Oiler mind stopping along the half boards next to the circle pushed into the boards, thereby Ethan Bare, Darnell. Nurse came along and cooks it off the boards down to the blue line. Duncan Keith back to get it as the Hawks will regroup. Good pace to the Blackhawks start of this hockey game. A big kill, obviously and Evince orders looking game that lead for the third straight game. Blackhawks off Good start, There's Ethan Bare now.

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