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That back thoughts of fame yarmouk employees live in russia. Lowly idea doing. She's the applauded game a before before. All back off Online poll shoes ownership should attack. Any neon. say you'll call old cuts on the she van four. Shelving didn't solve muggy hough from like tax in burma. I will show me. And he's so a home muggy Now how he saw. God call muggy israel. Our radio it's v star who represented israel in twenty sixteen You just heard him singing. chevy amman. with rich isaac. Tell me what you know about that song. In about colby star So lovie star. I i ran into him i think he just. I came in in the mid scene in two thousand nine when he participated in the seven season of kahad and he came in seventh eventually but He performed this duet that we saw with al-qaeda of hooah has gone went onto make religious music in light of that. I think it's really sweet to see them. Singing to each other about The song written by ron dunker. Who is also gay like kobe. And also written by an elected buckner. We haven't seen much of star since he represented his have we. I mean i. I know all right interesting rich. You you've mentioned a couple of times of some prominent israeli singers. Who have spent some time. Lobbying the government to be able to have a baby by surrogate. Tell me what has been going on. What have they been fighting for. And what's going on with that today. Have they made any headway. As so my understanding is that the government's explicitly prioritised straight couples for adoption and surrogacy and the israeli government that is and this sparked a lot of protests them speaking out by a celebrities and and protests. Monday public I don't believe the situations changed any but nevertheless gay couples continued to have children through adoption and surrogacy end mosley. They have to go abroad to do that. So we have a new government in israel. Maybe the minister of health now is a gay man so perhaps something will change. I don't know all right. Well that's exciting. You know you know it would be nice if finally it looks like this is a battle. That's being waged for for a very long time and maybe just maybe changes on the horizon. Yeah i mean. Israel took a long time. I'd say you does at one. Point was twenty years behind the united states but then decriminalised sodomy and Bans discrimination in employment and integrated the military long before the united states. So in many ways you know israel has leapfrog united states. And there's always go and they're always battles to fight well battles to fight but at the same time. We often find ourselves as the light a amongst the nations. And it's it's a great great thing We're on with rich. Isaac who is presenting to us a a list of gay and lesbian celebrities and musicians in israeli music. And we've heard some fantastic songs. So far what do you have next on your israeli blitz. So i love the next song. I love the director. John fox who directed yassine jagger the film where the first song bo appeared but he also made a tv adaptation in two thousand nine of the stage musical called mary lou. Which uses only songs by its fica. Pick and The tv series was called To meet oto haram always the same dream and it won the israeli emmy for best miniseries So this is just one of many great musical numbers in that series in the lead Mayor played by rosenberg in his drag persona. You'll have to see understands what that means. is sitting on a bench with his friends at his crush soldier named gabrielle. And they sing is on that people recognize mostly as an overdose on your calls. Sheriff recco. yeah we we. We know the song. And i love the show mary lou. We saw it in in queens new york back in the early two thousands. I think but i never realized it was adapted for television. So that's pretty cool to meet oto. Alone is the name of the series. Yes and it's on dvd. It's great as subtitles. It's wonderful are they recommended and i obviously a lot of music in there as well. Yes from tummy. Don't talk alarm shear off israel. Our radio schlimme lee. Who called tom mueller who chicago. Cha the vida's hoppy kercheval seen it a share mission file la yom van nima fleet garbage kafka anti cool. How honey sean. Email aca sean. We keep Banish to your body leads philo. But anything i mean anybody loan and that's about it. Draw veggies misdiagnosed in sony team Thiamine comb keel. Who des the muscle smith. They'll cul de called mean nothing bump. She smiled new york dollah. The cba gives us off. Course she get on barrel. Brunner scuba john. By these by god from the television show comed- hotel cologne based on the music of tweak. A pig that was a share record song that we know and love by offering a cool version of that song on israel our radio. It's my israeli playlist. I'm josh rhona. i'm here. With isaac of seattle washington having a great time listening to some fantastic israeli music..

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