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There was a safe place for her to be there and you know the Army Felder. Army investigators say Gin was bludgeoned to death at Fort Hood on April 22nd. In the area where she was last seen. FDA commissioner Dr Stephen Han sidestepped questions about President Trump's claim that 99% of Corona virus cases in the U. S air quote totally harmless trumps analysis says the death toll in this country as you heard fast approaching 130,000. The president's claim comes as state and local officials sounded the alarm about surging cases. We cannot afford to go through hell again. We need a national strategy. If we don't get our hands around this virus quickly in about two weeks hospital system could be in serious, serious trouble. Even some of Mr Trump's Republican allies raise concerns about his Fourth of July event where some attendees opted not to follow social distancing guidelines. Yes, news correspondent Kenny McCormick Some teachers might be heading back to school in need of additional qualifications just to teach history in Virginia, the commission on African American History and Education doesn't think today's American history certification is enough to qualify teachers to teach African American history. So they're recommending a change to teacher certifications in the state tohave all K through 12 teachers certified in African American history as well. According to the Virginia secretary of education on Teeth Carney. The recommendation will come out in their full report, which was originally Is scheduled to be released this week but delayed until September due to the pandemic. Michelle Morello w T o P News still ahead on w T O P sky writers take to the skies to protest immigration policies in the US It's 10 35. It's already a number one bestseller, and it's called Blitz. Trump will smash The left and win by famed author David Horowitz blitz makes predictions about President Trump that will shock you..

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