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Lil Wayne Ecorse album is doing well. There's a lot of great collaborations on the album in one collaboration Lil Wayne has is Lil Wayne an x x x ten thousand Sione. Alrighty. So recently Lil Wayne sat down and he was speaking about the album, and there was a question that was as I don't want to would any words Lil Wayne's mouse will play Lil Wayne's answer right here from him. I didn't know who triple extension. Right again, please. I didn't know who. Triple extension was one more time. I didn't know who triple extension was. So he didn't know who triple extinction was. But you know, he ended up saying he Google did his homework and everything and and I'm gonna say this. If you're doing a song with x x x ten thousand on at some point would record it getting into the studio doing everything had to do and knowing that at some point you're going to do some some type of press. I would learn his name. Now, granted it's not like, you know, Bobby Smith. I know that even in the neighborhood or when my teeth started getting on triple eggs, you would. I mean, how do you say his name the same way when race trimmer? I came people used to tear it apart. They ego already. Now, that's a bad choice of words. No, no, no. But also with ex ex exit. We we would like how you say. And we got Lil Wayne. Of course, I didn't know who triple extension was he caught on triple extinct and did the whole interview and and finished up so come on little I wonder when somebody get into the side and say, man. It's not a triple X extinction. No one in the crowd. You know, what I'm saying one just kept going along with. Uh-huh. And he didn't even take it as a one to get away moment. Wayne. I didn't know who triple extension. I still don't know who as well. Yati stick around your radios man because we in the neighborhood as well. We don't wanna every day we get caught out there as well. One of us in the neighborhood. I'm not going to say his name. As a as a as he may look like a, man. Guidry. Stick around your radios. Man. One more game for me. I didn't know who triple extension. All righty big boy's name. Pam games on my pinky rang. By you claim that you rich clay, I'll be straight to the web, no magazine. Staff Chinese and pronounced name doing down the stairs. I'd be racking named like I only one I'm taking pics. Walk talking like a boss. Three main cash commie Raisman money show. That's my rain days. Gangland say the wrong words, you'd be paying me..

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