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Rob Kendall from the six on the right to the rob kindle show joining us live in studio democratic debate in Vegas last night rob what did you think well to quote the great philosopher Homer Jay Simpson everyone here is stupid except me because I live in the morning you say this I listen to the checks they're saying this Bloomberg did so bad he did this he was terrible that it's over it's not it's just getting started and he's not playing a game to win the nomination he's playing a game to force a brokered convention and keep Bernie Sanders from getting fifty percent plus one of the delegates so what do you say that Bloomberg was not a disaster last night because you read the reviews the on fox and friends this morning said it was a rough outing for Bloomberg yesterday because it if you remember in the debates the first debate trump had with Hillary back in two thousand sixteen everybody ever saw she cleaned his clock see why pull for them she that she that drop wasn't playing for the nation in terms of talking to the nation yes you probably won but he was speaking to a specific group of voters in Ohio in Wisconsin in Michigan and Pennsylvania and afterwards I said he won that debate because he won where he needed to win all your crazy you don't know this year he won those states borough Bloomberg there was a moment in the debate last night or he just stops everybody and they're going after him for his wealth in first companies and is this and then that he goes what are we doing appear more attacking a guy who successful who was given a huge amount of money to the Democratic Party and the audience actually applauded at that line he is speaking to a group of people not the people that are in Bernie Sanders camp or in the fake Indians camp he said he got to a group of people who he needs in order to force a brokered convention and I thought he did it come into his own he started to get a little groove there that last hours specially with the socialism and communism blasts toward Bernie Sanders like yeah the only guys socialist onstage got three houses that was genius that was the line of the night from Bloomberg he did have a bad first hour though rob well he's an unlikable goof I mean all these billionaires are and that shouldn't surprise us right I mean Stiers the same way these people don't live normal lives like they can't go out to all Wendy's I mean they they told live normal lives they're not around people that's always soccer Berg Basil all of these guys their toll weirdos this shouldn't surprise they don't know how to human and so do you think Bloomberg accomplish what he set out to do last night which is a lot of in fighting between the other candidates on stage and he's just kind of in the background like what you mentioned homers of The Simpsons Smithers is that I'm sorry Mister burns like twiddling his fingers just in his goal is to get a a brokered convention so it does it's not about how we did on the debate stage last resort the Punisher because nobody watches these things I mean we all right because it it's it's our job but the average person does give two craps about what's going on in the bottom or the debate the average person watch Indiana and Minnesota exactly the average person knows what they see in these ads and by the way all the bacon if I'm gonna pick and you know all right with anyone but I fight to do what to do that's worth sixty billion billion with a B. dollars fake Indians about to get hers my friend because he can run a hundred million no joke he can run a hundred million dollars of negative ads a week ago it's like you and I lose and twenty cents on the couch cushions so let's talk about Elizabeth Warren the only woman of color on the stage last night the fake Indian human out scorched earth right away I kind of got the feeling she thought all right if I'm on the backside of my campaign I'm going to light a fire throw a match and bring everybody down with me on my way out the door how has this broad whose entire life is based on a lie like everything she has is because of the Ivy League job which she only got because she lied about being in India and then perpetuated the why the rest of her life how has nobody when was this the seven debate six the made no one person is looked at her and said ma'am you lied about being an Indian exit stage right these people are cal words nobody will hit each other except for the one wealthy rich successful guy I will say this we had been waiting for this level of heat this level Aston as in a debate and every time we think we're going to get it we got cool my yard everybody if they're holding hands and then not saying anything Bloomberg brought that out of everybody last night I think the other candidates whether it was Pete weather was slow but shark pocahantas they all knew all right Bloomberg's going to be up here now we have to play hard ball should tell you everything you need to know about the Democrat party because even hit the front runners have been kit what do you call a kiss steel in free we'll hear sniffing wheeling dealing by no no fun we will go after him Peter judge absolutely destroyed south bend that cities a disaster manatee cares a woman who literally lied about being an Indian nobody cares wind up Kamel hairs of the printer lied about smoking dope listening to to back this guy who actually gives a hundreds of millions of dollars to charity and actually one your party the house of representatives almost single handedly well we're going to unite around hate for that guy that the Democrat party I find it ironic as well that to everybody saying the Bloomberg score gold buying the election what do you think Bernie Sanders is doing he's doing that in a round about way too by saying he's going to give you a bunch of free stuff in NY me and free stuff that's the same thing in my room in my mind it's nobody's damn business what somebody who earn their money illegally spends it on as long as it's something legal if you eat okay you liked the sports bad if you want to spend a billion dollars in sports betting and that's your money what business is it of mine actually and I don't agree with Bloomberg on much of anything but I got a like a guy that's like now it's my money I'm only be holding myself I do what I want but in the Democrat party remember I told you guys and I've said this for a year now trouble with a minimum of thirty five states watching that debate last night it works kind of thing and forties in play I mean war to kind of watch that go on these people aren't embarrassment to everything rob candles going off the rails with us here on the hammer and Nigel show on a little bit more about the debate last night we saw Aimee Colbert shar and mayor Pete going at it and listen we know there's a little bad blood before but there was a moment last night why I thought Aimee clover char wanted to go full bills mafia judge and slam him to the Spanish announce table out there at NBC he was ticked off if you didn't shake his hand at the end well it again it's people who won't say the stop and also to stop and that's fine Peter judge entire campaign and they all know this on stage is based around the words I'm gay I mean that's it let's be honest that's why he's here if he's not gay herbal job as the mayor of south bend I did this is not a joke a hundred times better running Brownsburg your son of Joe Biden now this is not.

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