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Hi Welcome to season two of bite. This is Tony Tiller. Parenting an apocalypse it's it's not the same way. You you know how it works any views usually two to four minutes long but sometimes, they can be a little longer only when you when you live long enough all kinds of strange things happen. Very right in saying that the Greek heroes where the original superheroes. In. Part because of the hopeful nature of genes vision but also because of its message of diversity and inclusion. John David Washington, who is the protagonist in Christopher Nolan's tenant talks about the stunt work they challenged me greatly Is groundbreaking stunt stunt work towards Katelyn Jackson Speidel fight coordinator, and all the guys were working together Groundbreaking we this has never been done ever in cinematic history cinema history and. These moves the way we're we're operating So creating them creating what we were doing and kind of finding it together with me I'll never forget it. I'm so extremely proud of because we can say. I can say it was a part of what they started. You know how action films can start to be a shot and performed. It's really exciting. There were many fantastic shooting locations. I enjoyed basically every. Pretty much every stop and we made a you know someone challenging and others if you get seasick probably more challenging for you but I had an incredible time in Indiana Heights as well speaking of India, jumping off or jumping over a balcony climbing over balcony from that high up was quite challenging and I I. I had a different relationship with heights before that movie. But now I say we're closer heights and I. I think we're going to be okay you know it was lowered for a second. I loved Mumbai. I loved Him Fico, slicing across the Mediterranean on a boat that I got Dr Looking as cool as possible in the coolest clothes ever provided by Jeffrey I you know that's the dream. I kind of like the old school of not using as much green screen. Here's John David Washington. gave us a huge advantage when when thinking about an event film you most we see green screen and most of us audience members can tell I mean we when they're good we're not distracted but when they're bad, it kind of takes it's it takes you out of it. Well, that's not the case Christopher Nolan and he might he might be arguably the best event filmmaker in the game. So as an as an actor, it's extremely as it's an extreme advantage being able to use the real elements around us that we can use for the performance and it goes to show for me for my in my opinion why he? Loves and appreciates performance. So well because he knows that we will affect us in a different way and we'll connect to it even deeper. And turn the audience while at the same time because he's relying on the characters in the performance to take the audience to the journey of these wide, you know huge scale and mass of set piece worlds that he creates. Look for tenant on the big screen at eater near you. For Bite this is Tony Talada..

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