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In the market is what is needed it's not reaction and what's too bad about it is so many people try to jump in and they maybe watch a YouTube video when they get involved in the markets and they're being reactive they're chasing price the largest situations they're not watching price where it's at right now they've already made their decisions whether they're going along which means markets going up or whether it's going short and that's part of the simple rules based strategy that we have a patent on and been educating students for over twenty two years on and then you brought up a second ago you are one of over a hundred and twenty instructors that we draw from and we have students all around the world and I've been around for twenty two years we haven't just been here since the last market crash with the market's been up three hundred forty to three hundred fifty percent we were here in two thousand two thousand one when the market dropped in the dot com as well as we've been here through the two thousand two thousand eight all the way through two thousand nine when the market was down in the housing bubble they're saying thing as they say that you can't time the market would you can time the market and timely market is just being able to understand is there more selling or more buying and currently and have to say that what's going on out there right now on the market starting to show some signs of fear and dropping there's gonna be more supply which means the prices will continue to drop as we talk about the various different things out there and we talk about the ninety five percent of versus a five percenters and you break that down the reason people are successful whatever they do in life is because they can make decisions and therefore primary things that we look for it whatever we do in life specially the financial markets so can you give an example that is five percenters are very decisive I mean they can make a decision and for example pick up the phone and call and get some free tickets to come see us but it's more than that okay it's more than that it's not just pick up the phone it show up where the ninety five percenters they can't make a decision a couple of and we talk about two is in the financial market is the five percenters we use leverage which means that we don't like to put a lot of money in the market have lot of risk in the market the ninety five percenters after use no leverage which is exactly what we seen they bought stocks they bought mutual funds are holding on to it they're not using that money to their advantage and I assure you if you're not using the equity you have within your investments guess what your financial adviser is using it and making money off of it and the two others I like to mention real quickly here is the five percenters they manage risk if you have a portfolio of any size we can actually help you build a plant and create and limit risk where the ninety five percenters they have no plan for downside risk the last thing is they do it with the right help they do with coaching they do it with mentoring they don't try to do it by themselves and they definitely don't go to YouTube and try to watch a video on how to trade the financial markets yes definitely and part of that you said right there its action it's not being reactive and I think that's part of it they need to take action to get educated mark this is the time I think we.

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