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Edition. I always forget the dates the as I live to joining me. Of course there's pizza carols. I'm sure he's going to have a million questions because he's got a few things going on in his life Casey Liden. I don't know I can never figure out where he is on my screen The producer director. Whatever you WANNA call them mix man and then the Mandy. Our it's a tradition. At this point man comes off not only a big win but a performance of the night win so we had to bring a bad brian. Kelleher we had Angelil last last time. So she also She had a fight last week. She did of course controversial split decision. Brian you took the controversy out of it. You didn't let it get to the judges scorecards before we get into the questions from the fans because you know. The drill house live band since another performance bonus. Oh It's been it's been amazing man. I I needed this too. Because that whole quarantine situation was making me a get a little bit down like what am I gonNA fight again? What's going on with this and to be able to get that fight in during this time and and Kinda get the experience of the no crowd and everything. It was amazing. No this is obviously second straight performance bonus you it was month forty five so I know I don't know if you have any questions on that but it seemed like Casey's been talking about a line a lot of fighters are they like. We had Sarah Kaufman so she wanted fighters to fight on a highway class. Closer like Phelan there at one hundred and forty five pounds this time man. They made a big difference. I didn't have to really drain my body too much to make the way first off and I was curious how it was going to translate over to the fight and come fight night. I JUST. I felt strong. I felt like great energy and also just more pop in my my shots and obviously that showed but like I really felt that in the cage. Now we're GONNA get the question. The Sigma Pizza. How's life with you? Know we talked about a little bit of a Brian. Pt's hairs looking pretty. It's defying gravity today to shake. What's when we had. It's not happening. Pizza had to stick to stick to the trend of ground. See Hair on the ace. Okay House with you. It's existing. There is There Casey. But of course this is not our podcast. This is your all's podcast. I know there's a lot of people doing this now but we were first. We're answering fan questions. I see a lot of sites now taking this format but we are the original so you can go on the twitter Hashtag aside. You've gone question the comment section. Casey's man in the Youtube comments because we we get a lot of fun youtube comments. You can throw up on the screen. So Casey I know we have a lot of questions for an og member crystal crew. Let's get it done now. Let me see if the Guy Anything. Good comments right now. It's something silly is king into one animal at will. Which would it be and why Brian in World War animals is a reality? I don't know if you read Anamar at all man. It was an awesome book series. Growing kids could turn to animals and there were all sorts of hijinks. Who Have you? But anyway I digress. Everyone comments x is going to know what that is. If you could turn into one animal at will what would it be and why tiger? That's all right. I mean. Come on you gotTa know this answer. This can't be anything but a tiger. That's my spirit animal right. There argues represent pizza sales. Did you ever read animals at all? No I was more of an outdoorsy kid. Playing Games get in fights. And if you're could be any animal or it'd be dog Reggie because he takes all the attention away from everyone eats almost food and he based his lawyers down get scratched all day and you know you can lose his shit on. You told me once and everyone's like what's wrong with me. Sherman's here goes here again. Reggie is like scratch gets fed. That's who wanted to be he has. He's like Lord. Mookie is the lawyer for royalty. That's who I'd be my dog Reggie. He's beautiful deal and he's got better hair than me. I was GONNA say. Is You have the same haircut. Is Reggie very similar? Book is is a lot more manicured Casey way. I'm would you be like being like raccoons I WANNA BE? I WANNA be a little trash panda. I was assuming that you were just going to say panda. No I mean I liked pandas. Santa's are good but I like trespassing. Does your wedding was panda. Thieves for the next wedding. Have a raccoon themed wedding. This is controversial. Had Still Panda. Their trash man doesn't like I. I enjoy enjoy raccoons resourcefulness. I mean I left a couple weeks ago. I left a bag of dog food and our back patio. And so Benjamin. Koons came and went crazy in it. My dog going crazy and I came back there and I saw one coon like looking at me. That looked over there. Were six of them looking at me. Like Oh my God. They're an army so Yeah Trash Panda of the teamwork. They love pizza. And on the clause. They're vicious yeah I can. You really saw him. I'd probably go the SLOP. They're just. They're bigger and they're strong and they tariff. Have you ever seen a west law terrifying? Are we talking Skunk APE category here? Yeah like that like they're terrifying if you go look up a picture of like a sloth getting out of like a pond there it's A. It's a nightmarish creature. It's like a it's a it's a creature from your nightmares so I'd probably go with one of those supposed to get sleep for twenty hours a day anyway. Good question is king otherwise. Here's a question from last episode Brian if you could turn your arm into been ice cream cannon on the ice cream what flavor would you wanted to shoot out and keep in mind off a continuous stream of ice cream. Like soft serve. It's like one scoop shot at says. Shooting one scoop out off like A. It's like a it's like a sure can okay. I was thinking cookie dough good answer. See Brian like these guys had terrible answers. That's a good answer. I was GonNa you last week but I didn't want to commit to. I don't Wanna I knew there are a bunch of flavors but could was top option. If you get a little something to chew on. Brian knows see. Brian's a smart man. Brian Roy just went personnel. Because of the allergens the allergens don't want to kill the world. Ultra about don't think about that. Those people don't exist in this world this fantasy world vise screen and dairy people like what the hell man shootout some some almond milk ice cream. My my girlfriend how come it can't be Vegan. I'm like there's no vegans in this fantasy world lady I I like the United again. There's some good Vegan ice cream. I'm just saying I'm not being delicious. Monotonous World Anyway. Took the cows out of business trying to take all the cows jobs come on Molly Youtube comments with Algebra in sterling and court Santa can books for UC to fifty. What are your thoughts? That Al hasn't got a title shot and do you think it's yawn versus MMA race for the belt and July. What's happening so Brian? This is your wake class thirty five. We're GONNA to use this as a way to just Aska generic question. What do you make of this one hundred thirty five title to right now now? That Henderson who has quote unquote retired? Yeah I'm curious what the negotiations are life Algebra and those guys like what you know. How much say do they have as far as? Can we make this fight? A title fight whatnot. Dana White said peons the guy. He's whoever he's GonNa fight which I thought it was. Mariah's I guess that would be the title fight I don't know man. I I feel like Henry might be playing a little game right now. I think you might be coming back sooner than we believe. Which would kinda mix up things again and and and make those guys have to wait a little bit longer. I think right. Now it's like Algebra and San Hagan. Yon Mariah's like whoever has the most devastating victory that stands out. The most is going to be the next guy. I feel the only thing that's gonNA prevent any traction as Yang can get into the country or like but if that's what violence for that and then of course Donald crews out there. Frank editors out there Josie album still out there. He was post to fight for the title. That's week before he fell out and replace Domico. Pc You're one of the biggest proponents of Peter. Yon What do you make of what's happening in the hundred five division right now? It was speak into? Peters people am on Monday I believe and they were saying all the all. The matchmaker meetings were happening on Tuesday so three days ago and so I'm sure it's all oriented out. John had a feeling that he him on. Maurois would be for an vacant toil book. Broin joins and did not read. An article joined the weeks. I and Henry might back with us. And that's what I think. Someone is think his manager said summer and its code said. He's retired so two people close to him said two different things. So who knows? Now that sounds to me like we never thought he was retired. Let's be honest so I mean you feel as though even if he was to step away for six months whoever is the champion is GonNa need to be verified by. He said he would always beaten all the great one thirty four years now and he is the measuring stick anyway boredom or do you see it the same way as the tournament. Those Fargo is the winners for for for the vacant toil. If Henry's not around and then maybe if Henry is around they still play it out like that in the winter for tannery instead. You Know Brian what you make of The News of Henry announcing his retirement Did you believe him at first or this? This is a what is it a negotiation tactic. Yeah I lean more towards negotiations. I feel like he's just getting into that position where he can make more money. You know feeding the guys that he just beat. He's got his whole stick going. It's taken off you know. And he's GonNa get he's GonNa get his best deal and his most money now with the pay per view whatever and so. I was Kinda surprised at it. I think he's playing a little bit of something you know. I know his coaches saying one thing. Then you hear something else. That's kind of probably just stirring the pot making but the UFC's going to have to make a move pretty quick. They can't wait too long to either put in some kind of interim title or a fake untitled for one of those match up so I think we'll probably hear something sooner than later about whether it's coming back or not until you sit when I go to. There's a big opportunity for US lawyers to leave all the international forwarders in the rankings. Felder told you right. Speak to us about it. And he was saying like he was looking at his position he was coming off that Khokar laws. Well he was like saying get active. Now we can keep fighting while these international borders can't get in the CAN. Make some big headway. Are you thinking about that to you? Brian Look I mean you can jump pretty rapidly here if you if you stay active at the moment yeah act- activities the whole thing like I'm trying to stay as active as possible because you know a quick win streak and you never know who you get. You might get a big opportunity. Maybe you surpass a couple of guys and maybe someone can't step in and fight because they're out of the country. Maybe you're that guy so I'm definitely looking at like that. It's weird though. Because they already booked Al Joe and San Hagan and they booked it for a non title fight so they already made that decision so curious where they're gonNA go. Who Do you pick out? Four four San Hagan Yang. Roy's Damn you'll forget you know. As far as.

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