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But you love like like it's also blankets last night it is with this but i got it and i did so while well for before i forget i was with jeff shane yeah he sent me give cards for you thank you i was at first watch this morning and i know of not dropped name dropped and yet well these come from corporate i love shame and i love her is what i was there is morning because i got an email they said last weekend that's when you know you're fat as head last weekend up one badly in grand so mike i'll be there in ten minutes it and i mean i really put his shirt on and i was there zone the one and brandon i love those votes is very very nice i like the day follow the they also follow the public's rule of only hiring good looking people which i think is really great to you notice i don't was there exactly we could go there showed up in that which opening there for monday let's do it and hang out and be like more bill is back in week point it's our robin belly is in front customers next time tim next time you go to shane tells get a some coached make big big coats i'm super excited mauer my fair assesses here tim tim macmahon of the awesome rock here's a rock star we just got done that he's like woodlands doing a chilly something for you made i don't wanna my care what's up tempo hey guys they don't go i was talking about you with on earlier this year models this room shapiro as model because i'm has the toner how most most of so would prefer to be fat but i said every now and then you'll get a fit guy that's a great great jeff and i said nobody tim what a good you know when it i early through but yes yes very very get that we're ready he's like with his country club we were do enough a chilly cook off to insult the ball what was kind enough to come down and be one of our celebrity judges downward been kind enough the your chilly also here very nice didn't vote for may i lost the you know i bring into rigors ring in eric ebron shane some and countries that country club walks away with the with the professional category lucky.

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