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Gomez, I am Sebastian Salas, our great to have you with us, and then there were two two teams left. That's all that's left in the U.S. open cup. We will discuss that plenty throughout the show. We also have coming up Mauricio pedrosa who's going to join us to discuss all the latest news out of Liga mechi and with the Mexican national team plus a one on one with U.S. men's national team goalie Zach Stephan ahead of his season with Middlesbrough in the championship Casey Keller will also join us to discuss not just the interview with Zach Stefan, but also American goalies at large and specifically their work in the championship over the years. But there's only one place to start this edition of football America's episode, 149, by the way, and we're gonna start it with the magic of the cup. U.S. open cup, semifinals last night. We're starting with a nightcap Sacramento against sporting Kansas City. Zero zero into the second half. First real chance of the day gone down the shot pool scam. The goalie for sporting Kansas City with a huge save on gecko Gonzalez to keep us scoreless and push this one in to extra time. Tension throughout this match. Into extra times. Sporting Kansas City would get some chances, none better than this one. Daniel shallow E. Off the underside of the crossbar, then ricochets out of bounds, another look at it here, sporting Kansas City, getting some momentum and extra time. But can't put it past. Daniel vitiello, the goalie for Sacramento republic. So we're headed to a penalty shootout. Four three, sporting Kansas City here when I mamacita Malik foster does this. Are you kidding me? I don't even know what I'm focused on here. Am I focused on the panenka? 'cause it's pretty wild to do it in a situation like this. And my focus on the back flip celebration 'cause that's pretty sweet to do in a moment like this or my focus on this. He's putting everybody to sleep like Steph Curry. Grand zusi steps up. A huge save. He'd been waiting for his moment all night. And he makes the play here. The save, which puts the game in the balance and who else, and it Capitan. Rodrigo Lopez, from the spot with those shorts on all the way up, put Sacramento republic into the final, they beat sporting Kansas City. 5, four on penalties after a scoreless straw through not just 90, but a 120 minutes. Absolute scenes at heart health park in Sacramento. Unbelievable stuff, Sacramento becoming the first non MLS team to reach the final of the U.S. open cup since 2008 when the Charleston battery reached the final only default. My beloved D.C. United. All right, for more on this game,

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