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Right back in and left minutes before the top of the hour, taking your calls regarding a little home improvement. Thanks for hanging in there and let's get Tolo. Brian, Brian. Thank you. Okay? Yeah. Hello? Yes, sir. Uh, I got a tip for the guy that was talking about getting the mortar office brick on his kidneys. That every pointed Yes, sir. When he does that Mariah Cassidy click. All right. You know the nice thing about that, Brian is he hung on for 46 56 minutes to, uh, save us. That little tip. Sorry you didn't get here. All right, Let's get to Frank. Here, Frank. Welcome. Look, Gary, how are you? Yes, sir. Fine. Gary. I've got a sister and I live out in the country and every once in a while it gets a musty smell, wondering if there's anything besides Clorox I can use to get rid of that The water tastes fine. Cleaning about heaven cleaned it in about five years, but before that even claimed it for, say, 50 every 15 years. Any ideas? Um, nine? Jeez, I I just think it's a matter of cleaning it to I I don't know The thing I'm struggling with is why are we getting that odor? Um, because odor is created by bacteria. Where's the bacteria coming from? Is the water level lower in the cistern and dust is getting in there is the odor emanating from above the water line. That's why it's not affecting the Um, the taste of the water. Um so I guess those would be my concern is probably the area above the water line and just a good solid cleaning and rinsing and take care of the problem. Okay? Okay. You've never heard of any kind of additive, though. I'm sure there is, but no, I'm not. I'll give you a website to search. I I'm pretty familiar with this company. But I don't know if they have a narrative for cisterns or not. And the name of it is robotic R O E. Be I see. Now they have a lot of drink cleaners and different products for septic tanks. I don't know if they have anything for cisterns. Okay, Well, thank you, sir. All right. Thank you. Take care. Good bye, Mama. All right. We'll go to calm because Georgia and we have Dave Dave, welcome. You doing? Yes, sir. Fine. Look here. I'm Reed saw Christine Tubbs. Okay? Yeah. Used stuff that comes out of Home Depot. Later down the line it shakes. You recommend? Maybe our marine paint or something? Well that earn a poxy. I know there's um, the one you used at a Home depot. There's there's a couple out on the market. Um, was it and a poxy or was it just a non a poxy tub paint? It would just not a process helping. Okay, so they probably having a poxy tub paint. And it's made by home AC Home. Acker home, Max H O M A X. I think Home, Max, and it's a two part of poxy. And that would probably be You know, a little bit more substantial. The secret is and you know there's people that do this professionally. Where they have priority. Um primers. Um In their sprayed on so prep is 100% the name of the game here? You gotta get that super super clean. And you got to get that a poxy to really bite on it. So when you get that tub pain by home, Max the A poxy really read the instructions in the instructions or rather lengthy. And spend the time on the prep. Because that that's going to be the key. Whether the stuff's gonna work and stand up. I've used it before. My only knock on it is I didn't spray it. I brushed it. And you could kind of see the brush marks, but it's stuck. And it stayed, so it did a decent job. The applicator could've done a little better job about how long does that take the drive overnight? So you know, you put it on and I think it's eight hours. I don't know if there was, um you know, telling you tow not use the tub for 24 hours. It's been a while, but I would say plan on a day and you should be good. Okay? All right in my hand and have them send somebody stand blasted to get it all the way down. To the circus. Well, I don't think you need to do that. I mean, I think if you just is the tub kind, of course now kind of rough. Yeah. Yeah, I just think if you just get yourself a Palm Sander and saying that down real good, Just don't put it on a real shiny surface or you know where it's still glazed. You just want to cut through that. Already. All right? Very much. You give me a lot of information. I appreciate it. Thanks, Dave. You take care. Bye bye. All right. Our phone number is 808 to 38255 and Thing will try to squeeze time on here, Tom. Welcome. Good morning. Let me get you off Speaker Gary. All right. I started out with one question, but I've got to first I've got a bottle of wet. Forget I live in northeast Ohio. OK, andare between our temperatures and our rainfall. It's just kind of hard to get it applied. But I had a new roof put on in November and I have concerns. I've got a 50 year old Cape Cardwell. Back in my concern was spraying the siding. Would there be any discoloration in the new shingled roof? No. Should I kind of hope. None. None. It won't hurt anything. It really won't. Now, If you've got a roof, it may have a does it have a guaranteed? Ah, you know, Algy won't grow on it for like, 10 years or anything. Well, um They can It does I? Yes. So what I would do if it does. I think you're probably wasting the product. It'll do a good job. Probably around eight year eight or nine. I would spray the roof of that point. I've gotten people trees on both sides, the house and I'm not. I don't want to spray the roof. I want to spray the siding with the warmers and my concern was over spray or the water running through the fluid running down route there. Gotcha..

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