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Is sponsored by positive coaching alliance checking in with Mickey Ferguson over toxics looking like another Nice day force. How about making it really does look nice Could be a little bit breezy with front coming through the day, but still lots of sunshine Attempts readings up to about 78 degrees Today. Tonight slows, though down, tto 47 a little bit cooler air to get things going to Morrow eyes on Friday near 70 degrees, with still lots of sunshine from the W See First Alert Weather Center I'm Mickey Ferguson for Alabama's morning. Right now we have clear skies and 51 is radio 1055 W got issues with youth or high school sports. Positive coaching alliance can help PC, a national nonprofit offers more than 1000 free online resource is for youth and high school sports coaches, parents, students and administrators Visit PC, a death zone dot order. Two. It is Alabama's morning news. I'm J t. Well, talking about the debate a little bit more than the crazy circus that went on. I'm sure Will change a little bit in the next debate. We all hope anyway. Right is expected to have some format changes that will get two in just a minute. I'm not sure how far they're going to go with these changes, but it's going to be a different style. There's no doubt about that is it will be a For a town hall meeting, and I believe the moderator is going to be somebody from C span..

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