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So you will see why these guys are against the grain stars because I'm leading off with one of our favorite quarterbacks. Guess who's leading the entire NFL in preseason yards? Andy Dalton? Nope. Nathan Peterman. Oh, my God. They're comeback tour has begun. The Oakland Raiders. Yeah, Here's three pick someone touched. I'm not ideal, but he leads Vegas Raiders. Yeah, yeah. Alright? Yeah. Leads the league with 418 pre tater in. Okay, our next against the grain, Grainy recipient. How about Easton? Stick our guy out of North Dakota. Say 10 for 14 85 Yards, one touchdown. But he is battling Chase Daniel for the backup job. Nobody beats chase. Daniel puts him in a corner for the backup job. There is a funny tweet, saying Eastern Stick is competing with Chase Daniel, the NFL's first billionaire. Back up. Go ahead. Okay, We have a couple more. The Giants have a linebacker who had two sacks this weekend. I go to Saks so far this preseason. Carter Coughlin. He's a giant. Turns out, he has no relation to Tom Coughlin. That's it. That's the story right there, Right. And finally, the last grainy recipient is Sam Egwu von of the Miami Dolphins. He's a pass rusher. Had four sacks in the game against Atlanta on Saturday after getting off the Covid reserve lists on Friday. But the reason he's in here he spent three years with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He's a CFL er and we love CFL. Yes, we do. Sat scratch Awan, Saskatchewan, where they're too rough riders. By the way, there was another. There's rough and writers and then rough Rider. Yeah, I love that. So Carter Coughlin, Sammy Given Nathan Peterman Eastern sick, this week's Rainy award winners..

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