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The goods. Yeah. I mean, what do you supposed to do if you're on the other side of that 1 802 831 on 1.5 years fast traffic, starting to bunch up on bone spurs of the term, bygone the sampan side, coming down to the car and the truck veins and then moving along a lot Better. This reported sponsored by Panera Panera. Dinner is hot and ready to serve Bring home Pinera's cheesy flatbread pizzas, toasty sandwiches or creamy Mac and cheese would deliver your pickup. Availability and pricing may vary. Parkway traffic most congested between 1 42 and 1 45 in both directions. Traffic Continuity seven Really getting slow south and they get six down towards three. Slow traffic onto it. E West over by 21. 36 Eatontown. Lots of slow dance from route 71 coming West right up to rid 18, leaving New Jersey still, with the layers of under five minutes across the Hudson, Tom River's New Jersey traffic North. Film. I really juicy traffic self. It's still going to be rough for you and the spot of the Delaware River Bridges. Walt Whitman, the Commodore Barry and the Ben Franklin Bridge all have roadwork, leaving New Jersey across their spans a lease. One lane is out for repairs. Also, traffic is tough right now at 2 95 on the South bound side stretching from just south of exit 30 all the way down through the wakes a 26 white horse. Pike is pretty tough right now. As you take the trip right from 5 51 in towards to 95. It's also gonna be a rough one at 6, 76 and 76 of the Meet up at the vault area all the way down to 42 south on the Creek Road. New Jersey fans traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 3 48 to a New Jersey one a 1.5. Jersey, one at 1.5 Instant whether mother Nature likes to be consistent, what weather tends to cause more wet weather and drought begets drought. It's been awfully dry around here this spring, which is hard to complain about. Since our weather has been.

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