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Sign of a slowing economy. The Conference Board's leading economic index falling into the final three months of the year, the private board had to use estimates for two components of the index. New orders for consumer goods and building permits. Those numbers have not been published yet. Along metro state Senator wants to reimburse you if you move to western Massachusetts, Senator Eric lesser Bill would give those who relocate to the states, four westernmost counties and work remotely up to ten thousand dollars in moving in setup expenses, the ideas patterned after a similar program in Vermont and lesser says this will help keep greater Boston growing as well. We've got to do something about the congestion and the cost of living in Boston or else jobs will move elsewhere inevitably. This is something that will help both ends of the state and just think tanglewood is right there in the mountains. Lesser says he's hoping to encourage people to live in parts of Massachusetts. That are missing the current growth. Spurt? You may remember when parents sent paper invitations for their kids birthday parties. Well, those days are so long gone and a framingham startup is riding the wave of digital invitations Punch Bowl has landed licensing deals with Disney Hasbro, Mattel and others. CEO? Matt Douglas says his company is trying to stay one step ahead. We introduce the ability to send digital invitations and greeting cards to text message, and that's been a incredible growth story for our company and Douglas says Punchbowl has seen strong growth, sending invitations by taxed I hope. Kids are still wearing paper hats coming up the latest coming out of Washington where two Senate bills were D O. A course talks go on and we're gonna find out what's going on in just a minute with Josh binswanger. Keep it here. Indeed knows it's hard to find qualified candidates.

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