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I think we're putting them in a better position to go through progressions house. I thought your thread did a pretty good job showing Josh going through those read. So I think compared to Ryan's Hannah hill, he's almost already Petr in that sense. I already fell that there were some snaps where he just looked. He looked sharp. And I don't know that there were as many snaps that I saw from Ryan and his rookie year comparatively. So. Perhaps. That's the wishful thinking in me. But I think when you when you break down the value you bring down what what what he brings to this team. I don't I don't think it does any disservice considering the draft capital that we have and the the money that we can move around next year the sky's the limit for whatever we wanna do next year. No matter what position. So I think this is all just kind of icing on the cake. Think it's funny because we thought when Ryan tannehill would leave, you know, the civil war between dolphins Twitter would end. And I think if anything it just got knighted even more with this Josh Rosen trae, there's some people that are hard on the it's terrible value. You know, they're better players there than there are others who just think that this is the best trade in great things could come of personally. I mean, it's I'm trying to sit back as a fan and not get too excited because if any of us, I think we were kind of all in agreeance last year. Josh Rosen was a franchise quarterback. Could be a franchise quarterback. We thought he was an option last season know, he wasn't. He liked the most pro ready quarterback. You know that the some of the terms I I was hearing before the draft and then Tony lane linked to us. And he was in. You said it you look at that film. And you do see a rookie. But you see a rookie that's making plays and doing things that I mean personally you haven't seen from Miami Dolphins quarterback in quite some time. So when you say that you see more refined player than ten hill his rookie season. I. Absolutely think. So I think that he's gonna come in here and compete, and I mean, it should be a quarterback competition. Everyone should have to compete. You. Brought Ryan Fitzpatrick in here because he is at mentor because he is a pretty damn good quarterback. It can do good things brought him in let them to compete. I think Josh Rosen a win out that quarterback competition. And I think you'll get a good evaluation in two thousand nineteen of what he is capable of. I think when all said and done, you know, best case scenario the Miami Dolphins have their franchise quarterback. They have a hundred twenty million dollars. And they have all those draft picks go out there and build around this guy built around the defense and build elite unit. You see these teams competing with those rookie contracts six and a half million over three years. You can't beat that. There's absolutely no risk. I see here. Because like I said you still have all amunition go up there and get a quarterback next year if you desire this is a win win situation for my own. You think though that Josh Rochas not start week one? Then the dolphins doing it all wrong. I yeah. I was just going to kinda third this out to you. Guys, is it a really true quarterback competition to you. I. I kind go back and forth to be honest with you because I do see the merits and if Ryan Fitzpatrick happens to the better than Josh Rosen. I think you as a rookie head coach if you've come in with your MO as being we're going to start the best player..

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