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Hundred seventy theanswer dot com. that's Skaggs American taxes. And I'm talking to Cardinal Joseph zen about the situation with the church in China cardinals. And you you said that Pope John Paul the second and the people around him in the Vatican really had wisdom in dealing with the complicated situation of Catholic church in China. So how did this? How did this change? What do you think happened from John Paul the second to where we are today? Obviously Pope Benedict in writing the letter that he wrote eleven years ago twelve years ago also seemed to understand the situation. So what is it that you think makes this pope not undo? Let's go back to the year two thousand. Yeah. Oh. Partaken had a very good collaborator in holy Shih. Tom call. He comes from Czechoslovakia. So he knows the communists. And open, and we a Hong especially those who came with in China, I mid east we gave him many formations encouraging wins you ready. Candidacy tweeted, all those people. And but then at the moment, obviously, the government was I wear everything. So the government was awarded David would be going to to to communicate with their home. So in two thousand two events happen is at the beginning of the year the government playing a ordination of bishops up to it. But actually, it was a if failure because only five when to I said that Asian and, but anyway, I it was a a act to to threaten the people that they should not obey to to the authority Denia, Rome. At the end of the year. The pope declared the Marta seeing China and the communist staged a campaign attorney become pain. They called all the bishops to Beijing and to sign a letter of protest against both. Because he was a. Annoying imperial. Yeah. It's very, you know, obviously to threaten the people in China. So that they stop communicating. The unfortunate thing is that by the Tonko reach the age of retirement and says what's not that kept up a young Italian card. You know, we know expedients and so kind of five years of avoid. Pope John jump seeking the pass away and Pope Benedict took off now. You know, Betty. He comes from Germany. Yeah. So the years and the Nike smut, and then also expedience of Germany into do. So he knows you anywhere. Regime, and when you came to obvious, he did something wonderful for the church in China. When he wrote a letter. Wonderful letter. And then he set up a huge coalition with a mini company people. So it was a very good the beginning. But unfortunately. The new of congressional everyone Judaization he. Coding from India. Diaz. A very good man and the long one. Okay. Unfortunately too much illusion in the so-called Ostpolitik guy. That's the point of these of a peace of mind. A compromise companies regime and so. And and also the other people in the Holy See most of the disciple. That's the promoter of Ostpolitik under different popes. And so day spa. The place of the pope. Okay. So this is this is one of the things that Benedict was fighting and probably which caused him to resign. Another words. He was I think he was aware that the situation was bleak that the people around him in the Vatican in many ways were not his friends. I I would say. Rickie nation as because he said that they had the really no Fiji trains and to to carry on the job. Okay. Actually, we may say that people did not obey him. And he was reluctant to use his authority you see. Yeah. But by that time at be pro here design around the year two thousand ten. There was a rumor that a agreement was ready is about to be saying, but oh, no Duma. Nobody's anymore. So we have reason to believe that the pope refused to sign it by Grumman. Yeah. Those people back kidding on the negotiations. They are all. You know, all the school. So they tend to compromise with the comedy. So. Oh. Design and Dame. Pope Francis came then. You baby new different situation. And so we now having a kind of a conclusion of was what is going on after he took office. Now. You know at both both entity and g sickly upstate God you in a bit. We're conceded. They kind of outsiders by that group of power. And so when pope. Thank you came the first job is to find that you say upstate. Okay. Forgive me. This is it's our final break when we come back, folks. A few minutes with with Joseph Cardinal zen. It's Eric Metaxas. Show. Does your dog? It's scratch stink or shed like crazy come to Diabate for help. Order a ninety day supply of dinovite. Everything we tried failed except the Dinah vice pickup two bottles of supromega fish oil. Get the third bottle free packed with omega three DHA and EPA fatty acids. Supromega is great for your dog's immune system, healthy skin and soft shiny fur dogs. Love it. Try supromega fish oil by to get one free at dinovite dot com. NO V, I T E dot com. How many sales are you missing? Because you're not effectively using social media marketing, the vast majority of the population is on social media shopping. We're Salem surround. We take.

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