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Football training camp is heating up. The dolphins and Buccaneers are holding joint practices today and tomorrow down in Tampa. There's always some great one on one matchup. Plenty of opportunity for trash talking. But Kyle, there must be one thing in particular that standing out to you to watch for in these joints, bucks, fins, joint practice in the next couple of days. Three letters. I'm just watching that man. I'm watching tua tung valoa. And if I was calling plays for the dolphins, you know what I would do in the first exercise? Hard pump fake and deep to that man. Let's just get it over with, chuck that thing deep. I want to see how he throws it. I want everyone to shut up. I want them to tweet it out. I hope they hit it too. It's one of the lamest off season storylines, and it's at the season yet, but I'd like to officially like trying to close the loop on that. And then I'm just watching how he handles it, how he handles himself, how he runs the offense. How are you using the huddle? Does he talk to Brady? Does he yep, it definitely white. Like, I want to know if two is that type of dude who, you know, as they say, the most popular expression in all professional sports right now is that this person has that dog in them. It's everywhere. I don't know if he has it. Scrimmage is fine. There'll be a fracas or two. There'll be some yapping and I want to see if he has the dog in him and I don't want to see as the deep ball and it's clean and simple. The quarterback of the dolphins too. Will he be about that action as another one? Yes, earlier. But yes, that's the number one thing I said. We've seen it all training camp. Tyreek hill, Jalen waddle, the D pass. What's it? Will that happen? Now that there's another opponent in front of you, but also we talked about with Tampa Bay, offensive line, Ryan Jensen is not the alimony pet retire. How do they stack up against this Miami Dolphins front where they blitz, they get after the quarterback, and then number three, I wrote down Miami's defense. I was a part of it last year. We went to Tampa. We played against Tom Brady. It was not pretty. It boss out. They hung nothing 40 points out. It was ugly. What happened? Tom Brady. Yeah. Really? Yes. And we had to normal game national games, everyone like, let's see the dolphin. Let's see what tomatoes. It's over before the half time. It was ugly. So I want to see how that defense looks. Now they're getting another crack at this Tom Brady led offense. Does it fare better? And I think overall just joint practices in general, you've been going against the same opponent all training camp. You know the offense is doing. You know the defense is doing grandfather talked about here. The practices are scripted. Hey, we're going to run a deep play action. Hey, let's put in a blitzing defense and see what the secondary does. And when we put them in a tough spot now, it's a little bit more. It's another opponent in front of you. You're running some of your best scheme to see how it's going to look. I want to see what both teams look like against each other. I follow a lot of the local beat reporters on Twitter and I text you a bunch and then of course those people at the team side, you know who's getting a lot of quiet buzz out there and the guy that Jamie, I know you want to speak with too. Julio Jones. Yes. Is there it? What's going on? And I think I want to see how he fits. Yes. And I'll defer to you on what you were as far as what we're expecting to see, but I just, from what we've seen already in training camp, there's like this bubbling thing of like, no one's talking about him, please, but awesome. And I went down this road with Julio, was a Titan, and I saw it, and there was injuries, and it wasn't all about, does Julio Jones have anything left to the tank? I would be curious to see what he does against real live action defense. Whether it's scripted or not, there's going to be actual defenders out there. Maybe the best defensive backfield in football in Miami. Well, here's my thing about Julio Jones. I have this working theory that you look at a Seattle, and you have those two excellent wide receivers in Seattle, but whose throw them the ball. Now you have Julio Jones. You know what he's capable of. You know the kind of season he had in Atlanta. I'm gonna forget Julio Jones two with the Titans. It just didn't happen for him. Let's go back to when he was with the falcons. So to consider what Julio Jones could do. But what I love about this situation for Julio and Tampa Bay is that they don't need him to be that guy. And it's almost like it would be a pleasant surprise if he, let's say throughout 1200 receiving yards in a season, but they don't need him to be that they need him to be enough to let the other guys grow. They need him to be enough to give Tom Brady an option when he really needs something badly. So it's this perfect marriage of perhaps what Tom Brady needed in an offense where he needed a veteran wide receiver, but also such an awesome quarterback to be throwing to this guy who just needed to find a home in Julio Jones, perhaps has found it in San Francisco. It could be the fourth wide receiver. Yeah. And that means your fourth DB or a nickelback is covering. I mean, Twitter Jones. Mike mcdaniel is an offensive head coach who's never really got to hold over defensive coordinator and Josh Boyer, who was there from rope from Flores regime. What's the dynamic and is mcdaniel going to be one of these guys that can dictate, hey,

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