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Morning edition continues. And Dean in Columbus. Been waiting a while. Hello, Dean. Here's your How are you doing this morning? I'm fine. How are you? Did you have I have to say show? Huh? He's 74. If your father was 74 know who are? Who are you talking about? He's 74 former president. Donald Trump. If he acted in that behavior, you evil he had dementia. Who? No, let's let's not now let's not talk about a president who's possibly got dementia or Alzheimer's. Well, let's let's be. Let's be careful about that Dean family because the current sitting president has been accused of the same, so okay and he's four years old, and he's four years older. I'm saying it is. If you be realistic, you know that Donald Trump is an office cystic. Toshio Paddick jerkoff. Okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah, That's not. That's not that's not. That's not the reason that you impeach someone for being any of those things, dude, and that's the only reason they're doing it. No. Let him go in the side. Well, Dean was a waste of time game. Dean. I don't know if you've been paying attention to the other people in Washington, D C. We have a lot of narcissistic, caustic Joo soo in Washington, D C. That's how you get to this. Well, don't don't don't just don't just focus in on one. See Dean just ruined his own argument. Bike by calling names the same thing that Donald Trump is chastised for by the left calling people names and Dean. That's his argument. He's a J O. You know what There are I don't know if if Dean has watched any of the Senate impeachment or the House impeachment proceedings before them. Eric Swalwell. Jerry Baskin. Andr. Shiv Chuck Schumer. Nancy Pelosi. Maxine Waters. Sheila Jackson Lee Ted Lieu. You want to talk about some Joo, say the Democrats. The whole Man. Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house, Dean. Unbelievable. People are so hypocritical. Stevie B. What's up? Harry. Thanks for taking my call of your show's usual Hey, that guy bought the flamethrower. Yeah, he's gonna have a long way. From what? I'm understanding. Why's that anchor? I think and people bought him all up. Thank you. They don't have the money. Well, they probably do have the money to buy a flame throwers, but they're harder to get into a protest site. Molotov cocktails served them well. Oh, Bruce and Deer Park has a J. Kyle Span question It came up earlier. We're not just talking about Dean's mischaracterization of the former president. Flamethrowers. We have been talking about Jake Kyle's the J. Geils Band. Hello, Bruce. Hey, man. Hey, the hell with the hell would Dean I gotta no, no, not the hell with Dean. It's just he just He ruined his. It ruined his own argument She had no, I'm tired. I'm tired of the Of the great Biden talk. It makes me sick, so I thought I'd go back to the seventies. Hey. There's a that sounds like you're there now. Quite possibly. All right, Gunny. There's a song. What Yeah, Jake. I was back in the seventies, when we were doing on acid. They had a song and a line and there was, uh Take out two false Steve. Mama wanna suck on your gums? What was the name of that? I don't remember. And it almost sounded pornographic the way you said it, So I'm just gonna leave it there. Take out your teeth. I want to suck on your gums. Someone I'm sure we'll know the answer to that. Didn't Bruce sound like he was still in the seventies and still on acid. Quite possibly All right. It's a 7 19. We got Tom Davis die reasons more phone calls Just ahead. We'll take a quick break and come back 700 wlw. You might find yourself thirsty with a pocketful of coins. And suddenly there it is a sort.

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