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It's time for the pocket. Protector centrum the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson as his name. B. s. analytics is gay. What do you got for me. Anthony on the heels of one of the craziest trade deadline's in history. The contenders who added one of the twenty three former all stars who swapped teams will look to make their playoff push over the next two months. The ringers ben. Lindbergh had a fantastic breakdown of the madness that transpired. according to baseball reference and their wins above replacement metric. The remorse trades made in july sixty two and combine year to date. War traded fifty eight point two that any other years since the deadline was pushed to the end of july back in nineteen eighty-six considering the previous highs in trains were forty six in twenty eighteen and forty one point six war in two thousand fifteen. The twenty twenty one deadline blew the other years out of the water in total a hundred and fifty eight players or players to be named were moved by this year's deadline easily blowing by the previous record of one hundred twenty eight in two thousand eighteen and eighty seven of those were big league players. Just eclipsing the record. Eighty four set in two thousand. We saw six top one hundred prospects dealt former cy young winners former. Mvp's former rookie year goal. Glover's hits leaders postseason heroes health. The dodgers have seventeen former all stars on their roster. Now and you can bet whoever ends up on top in october will have made a big time. Deal this past week up paperless. It's time for trash. Talk twitter your chance to trash anyone or anything in major league baseball..

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