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Welcome to the lead. Podcast helping you to get it. Grow it and give it. We'll come back to the podcast here at ease c. Three in collegeville tennessee bulk recording season. Three and today. I have a really cool with me. He just presented this morning. And we're gonna talk a bit about the presentation. He had on digital evangelism branding and being online and this is Sam nevis is. Do i have the okay great. This is fantastic. I forgot to confirm that before we started. But i'm thank you so much for joining us. That's all right my pleasure and so tell us a bit about who you are and where you are currently what you're doing For the church. Currently so i am the associate director of communication for the seventh day. Adventist church globally. Recall that the general conference as yeah everyone. Listen this podcast. Understands what that means. And i my main responsibilities are branding and digital marketing for the adventist church. Awesome that's fantastic. I'm really glad that we have someone fully dedicated to that. That's the millennial in me So let's let's break this down especially for passengers who may not really have done a whole lot in the digital sphere and digital space. But but what would you. How would you define digital evangelism digital evangelism. That a great question. So a few years ago i was asked in fact when when i was called at a general conference in an interview similar to this i was asked about digital evangelism and i said there is no such thing as digital evangelism. Because you need people you know you need a hug. In order to trust and and without that there is no such thing as digital discipleship. That's just a myth. And then i went to brazil and a guy. Listen to this interview and said can have your whatsapp number. They use that a lot and for the next year. He started sending me constant screen shots of people that are that were sharing from the depth of their heart on facebook right so he answered the questions on the official church page for for brazil and there were within weeks were sharing. I've got this issue. I don't know how to tell my my father things that took four years for people to start sharing with me in a local churches their pasta. Yeah it suddenly. All of that came out in in digital. So this guy has single handily changed my mind about this process but he did something different instead of just responding to people's questions he contacted them every week he led the relationship he never let go and the following week. They'll be attacked the following week. We've prayed for you the following weeks or anything we so this constance just like a normal relationship that you would have was paramount to people being led online and now the the baptized last year. An average of three per day just from facebook alone so this this matters and and the digital is real digital is not virtual so virtual. You're talking to a computer. Digital is just a tool that connects real people with real people they're not constrained to space. And that is what matters great. So that's actually a really powerful answer. I love it i And i i love that someone took it upon themselves to really kind of just change your mind on it. What are some misconceptions..

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