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Klay ought then ultimately cooper kubo regard stated they one game at a time in a wreck w get ready for it up on the radio monday night football world what is going to be like for you because monday night football is a dream of players you get a chance to be a national stage iv is seemed like three righted you could play that game tomorrow because of the big game that's going to be you would what do you think that is going to be like america i'll be electric our back at the lake of course um but you know philippe added are gonna come a rubber let it be loud it's gonna be get up um you know records play as well method division opponent co i'll going to have another cup taliban i have but uh you know as long as we stay focused and undertake committed or yago and inaugu got a great job i rodney club is saved the philadelphia eagles now five and wanted to seize they'd be the carolina panthers 2002 2003 he join me freddie komen on espn radio rodney say travels getting home get some rest and we'll see you money now you play the washington redskins my friend operated i'ma and believe me as a cowboys fan as to be more the opposed the giving him and his team love put a carson words you that guy some weapons and often somatic could protect the just a little bit better early on they weren't doing it the carolina panthers defense was getting after him but look gharib line could be a guy that could really help is football team mike he's done and keep crossing wins because he can provide aid money game zakar it's been terrific at wide receiver outs on jeffrey and nelson are had been unbelievable make in place with this tmobile agwu josu and he passes for my liking but crossing that's been able to make this work that defense is not bad not too shabby what's going on with the eagles in that city five in one out of the gate right now head and shoulders above everybody else in the nfc east if you miss that conversation i had with riding mcleod all you.

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