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The red line of the green light it all bleep this bleep that bleep the so so as to the cops will come in this a he got to stop that and when they don't stop at they get that they get logged or at least they get written the ticket because i don't think you're allowed to swear and if it's turban the peace will you replaced one of the four letters with an asterix i you know i would still say that they you know it's the eh if i'm a cop out on the highway and it apparently this trucker's around all the time on this uh i weigh in everybody's been complaining about it sooner or later somebody is going to some sooner or later it's going to lead to a road rage incident so i'm just saying i don't i think they got a right to tell her just get get rid of that plate and if there's no leap obama i would still say was beat it would be bad no i don't i don't think there should be i don't think the i think the problem lies the f word i think the products the problem i don't care if it's says bleep all bomber bleep trump i i i think that it's just it's just got a clause the disturbances it's going to cause road rage do you think grace case it's one of those cases wearing thin conservatives need to walk the walk all we talk about as we should be able to say when we why why are they suppressing what we can say and then it hurt someone's feelings are mixed someone of sat and then we want to take it off the truck just just don't pay any attention to it and move on i think the the sheriff's department has come up with a rather they're just go into the record just go into the warrants file and the you know somebody who's guys got a bumper sticker like that prague just got a worn out for their arrest a bad check fraud i don't know shoplifting something like that at least and that's what up so so now widen now she's back in court and maybe they can work something out david what do you think i i.

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