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Out of Russia We had a difficult situation But what's happening to the people of Ukraine is just the most tragic terrible thing I could imagine Mitchell says Russian ballet is definitely going to be totally isolated isolated from the west I'm Ed Donahue Ford is recalling hundreds of thousands of newer model explorer SUVs because of a problem that can allow the vehicles to roll away even when they're in park U.S. safety regulators say the issue is with a rear axle mounting bolt that can snap causing the drive shaft to disconnect If that happens the SUVs can simply roll away If the parking brake hasn't been engaged the recall covers certain 2020 through 2022 explorer models including some of the police hybrid vehicles depending on the model dealers will either replace a bushing and the axle cover or they'll update the parking brake software owners will be notified by mail starting in June I'm Jackie Quinn AP sports I'm John leatherbee Defense was the focus to kick off the NFL Draft on Thursday night The Jacksonville Jaguars started on the edge selecting Trayvon walker of national champion Georgia as the overall number one defensive end Aidan Hutchinson of Michigan went to the Detroit lines at number two cornerbacks were next with the Houston Texans taking Derek stingley junior and the New York Jets ahmaud saw gardener The New York's giants went back to the edge with the 5th pick came on thibodeau of Oregon There's the AP red deals Ben Thomas Guardrail Bolton has become the 5th Gonzaga started to declare for the NBA draft He announced his decision on social media Bolden played one season at Penn State and two more at Iowa state before transferring to Gonzaga King's forward Dustin Brown will retire after the season is 18th with the club the 37 year old made the announcement Thursday ahead of the king's regular season finale Brown was a two time Stanley Cup champion with the kings in 2012 and 2014 I'm drawing other big AP sports 8 piece sports I'm John leather V Chris Paul made some NBA postseason history Thursday night The sun's guard went 14 O 14 shooting and finished with 33 points as the suns beat the pelicans one 15 one O 9 to wrap up their first round series in 6 games Second quarter at some point that's our culture So I'm gonna get aggressive I told him that and then coming out to third quarter I sort of saw how the game was going The thing that was down ten so no I had to try to sort of force the issue In Utah Mike Conley traveled turning the ball over with 5 seconds left allowing the map racks to hang on to beat the jazz 98 96 They win that series in 6 games In Toronto Joel embiid had 33 points as they sixers wrapped up their first round series with a convincing one 32 97 game 6 win James Harden chipped in with 22 points We knew for four quarter game if we had a mindset defensely to be engaged and rebounded basketball We had a pretty good chance of winning To baseball starting in the American League the Yankees won their 6th in a row at 10.5 doubling of the Orioles in New York correspondent Tom Marriott has more The yanks were down two zero in the 5th when Tim la Castro reached on Kevin Gutierrez's era triggering a four run rallied to give New York the lead for good Aaron judge drove in four runs for the yanks with a single and a game sealing three run Homer the 8th The other had an equally frustrating game on offense since they left ten runners on base in the first 6 innings The other American League winners included the raised twins Astros and royals the Blue Jays and angels In the national league the Phillies completed a four game sweep of the rockies with a 7 one win Other winners in the junior circuit the Cardinals the braves Marlins brewers and San Diego NHL Nashville moved into the first wild card spot in the west after a 5 four shoot at win in Colorado Matthias echo had the game tying goal for the prince early in the third Other winners included the islanders Boston Florida and Carolina blue jackets Minnesota Edmonton and Vancouver I'm John leathery AP sports Researchers confirm what dog lovers know every pup is truly an individual There is a popular belief that each breed of dog has their own specific behavior and habits in the journal science study co author Eleanor Carlson at the university of Massachusetts says it's a stereotype That kind of facet of behavior is very shaped by a dog's environment and by their life experiences and very little by their genetics Eleanor Kelly was walking her English Springer spaniel in New York who's friendly but she was also kind of the queen bee While Rachel Kim's mix breed is Really affectionate with me and my husband But pretty Pretty suspicious of other people Some dogs match what we think they should be but Carlson says a lot of them don't We have a tendency to pay attention to the dogs kind of remember the ones that fit into our stereotypes and forget about the ones that don't fit into our stereotypes The researchers even found golden retrievers who don't retrieve I'm Ed Donahue President Biden is signaling a long-term commitment to Ukraine while asking Congress for an additional $33 billion to help key fight off the Russian invasion The president says fighting the war against Moscow's aggression is not cheap but caving would be even more costly It's critical this funding gets approved and approved as quickly as possible Which he says will not just give the Ukrainian military what it needs in the crucial months ahead but also start a transition to longer term security aid to keep deterring Russia The aid package is more than double the initial 13.6 million.

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