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Or whether you're two hundred thousand person corporation. It's about relationships, you know, technology is wonderful. Won't wanna get rid of any event. We have more great things happening being created, but it's the relationships as the people that are the ones that make things happen. So we're, we understand our connection, rather the illusion of separateness. Everything is possible and that's where it is run everything including reversing global warming, including, oh my gosh, we had to lay off, you know, third of our workforce, how are we gonna ever? But everything is possible when you bring people together and really acknowledged them. So that power of unity is really core to having thriving individuals as well as thriving. Anything. We create our businesses in organizations and communities. So I feel like we are not as unified as. As we used to be leased, you know, here in the United States with all of the political infighting, it just seems like it's the opposite of unity, which is why unity is such a gift, right? But I mean, what do you think some of the things that we need to start doing differently to sort of express in embody this gift of unity? Exactly. I agree with you there so much division, divisiveness, not only in this country. It really is around the world on just about every issue Sperry painful time. And yet at this very time where it feels in some ways, dark is actually, that's when the white can come through the brightest, and that's where we're calling on the leaders, your listeners that they can come forward. And so that really gets into not only calling on remembering when you will able to connect and do something unimaginable with other people. And if you haven't yourself, then what you've read about what just possible. So for example, a tech company that I worked with their product was become. Pretty much, you know, a commodity and it was fairly flat and they they wanted to shift. We did a global initiative where we helped ignite the leadership using positive psychology and indigenous wisdom around the world. And what they were able to do is to be able to see tap into that wisdom inside themselves and with each other watts conversation. What's listening listening, listening listening to yourself and others spanning Dacian to everything. And they were able in a year to go from twenty five billion dollar to twenty nine billion dollar operation in a flat market. So you can find him numbers and there's all sorts of stories. Both small and big of when people do some fundamentally different things which is to first and foremost to listen, listen to yourself and listen to others, and then till put yourself around supportive relationships. People who don't always agree with you, but are also after your best interest and the best interest of which collectively try. To create that's really critical and then move into positive action. The GPS does not work. If you're standing still, we've got to get through the fear. That's why the forgiveness is important healings, important, so we can move through and really being unity and create some amazing important things that I feel like life itself is calling us to create an every sector of our lives. Yeah, absolutely. So what about the third? Yes, and that's where healing really connects. Nice started go into that third gift. They gave us was the power to heal in healings. Wonderful thing. I know often when these can't, we just be done with the healing. No, it's a gift. We get to heal every day because every day there's going to be something that causes bruises bomb, psychological hurts, whatever it is. There would be those things as well as the long term ones that we have to keep working on, find different levels of healing. They healing is at process. Some of the key things that I just talked about with unity. Actually, forgiveness are key to all of these gifts, listening support, relationships, unconditional love yourself. So this is one of the things that people in indigenous wisdom tells us all over the world is that we can't give we don't have. We can act like in fake it, but the more regret into self care, self-love tr. Transforming how we are being with ourselves. It been is much easier to do that with other people and with the earth itself that where we're doing our business in our relationship to make sure that everything is thriving. Right, absolutely. And in the fourth, I love the for me too. Yeah. So the fourth get is the gift of hope, the power of hope in action, and we know hope is an energy source. There's things run in about this all forget about hope, but I'll tell you, none of the ancient wisdom traditions around the world have forgotten about hope. They understand this is a source don't know everything through our five senses. This hope is a way of seeing our knowing something that there aren't any facts that which show us that that's possible. And we know we have all sorts of technological advances getting to the moon, all these different things that people imagine people call on what we call in indigenous communities, the great mystery, but we can call it spirit. You can call it all. You can call it universe energy, whatever we call it the Bajic that happens when we just sit still and allow to arise what might to some people seem unimaginable so that power of hope in action is would allows us to move in. Do some of the leaps actually rather than even just the incremental things. It's exciting when people take hold of these four gifts and save. Oh, oh, yes. And this is inside work as well as outside in relationship to others to have Bertha thriving life and as well as thriving organizations. Absolutely. And I interviewed a very powerful business coach. Her name is Libby Gill, not too long ago a week or two ago, and she talks about how hope is a business strategy, hope, highly strategy, and I got so much positive feedback from her podcast because people were like, I never thought about it like that. So I love to say that it was part of the four sacred gifts because this gift of hope is what keeps us going. Right. Absolutely. And thank you for named go Libby, Libby Gill. I think that's great because hope we do all sorts of where people in again, we draw different kinds of wisdom traditions of how to do that, but it's every. From just guided imagery to be together in play to imagining, you know, some positive thing that you want to come forward. There's all different kinds of ways to night hope. And I want to say this is really important. Hope is a choice. People cannot take away your whole. I mean, really difficult things. I don't mean to minimize the some of the difficulties that people are having. However, no one can take away from you, and that's what makes his innate amazing, powerful gift, and you can draw on that and drawn drawn and it will pull you. And we know now from brain signs, once you get this hope, the magic nation, even though it's not concrete yet just beginning, you begin your whole body, your mind, your motions began to go toward that and that spirit in action. That's hoping action. Absolutely. So how can people find your book? How can they reach you? Give us some of your contact information. Yes, they can find me at Sanchez, tennis dot com. That's s. a. n. c. h. easy t. e. n. n. I s. dot com Sanchez, tennis dot com. But if they wanna learn about my book, which

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