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Hancock Putnam Glass Cock scriven. Nobody may even living scrubbing kidding kidding. Emanuel County Wilkinson County Crawford County. Marion County Webster County. Stewart County Quin County Grady County Echoes County Atkinson County Linear County Wilcox County. Jeff Davis County Wayne County and and Brantley county those counties have no corona virus cases at all Also yeah I mentioned Evans County Intrude Lynn County. They don't have any cove nineteen cases. Now that may change at noon today. They may update Increasingly it looks like most counties but there will be a few counties that don't and there was a recorded phone call and I've got the Audio I wanNA play you. Parts of it of a doctor from emory university. Dr Del Rio who painted a scenario of twenty seven thousand deaths in Georgia and it got the Georgia Municipal Association spooked enough that these guys are screaming for Brian. Kemp to save them from themselves and shut down the entire state but the doctor himself said in the interview that he wasn't really concerned about rural parts of Georgia he was concerned about places like Augusta and Columbus and Savannah in Albany and Atlanta and Athens. And I WANNA play you parts of audio and I'm going to get to it later when we come back though. I WANNA get into one the Kennedy Center situation and also the pastors and the churches that are affected. You know there. There's a pastor down in Florida who's gone to jail for having a church service and believe it or not. Yes my friends. There's a tiger king connection off. I started what? Y'All I don't even know what I'm watching but oh my goodness gracious i. This is insane I have. It's a forty. There are seven forty. Five minute episodes. I am not even through the first one. I started a little bit last night in the realize what time it was but it is the most insane thing I have ever seen. And I'm I'm like twenty thirty minutes into a forty five minute episode and this thing is crazy crazy but I promised I'd start watching it. I didn't realize there were a bunch episode though. I thought it was one big documentary. I'm getting into it. We'll discuss that as well. But there is a tiger king connection when we come back. Hello and welcome it. Is Eric Erickson here across the state of Georgia? Thank you for joining me the phone number if you would like to.

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