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Them understand that A four year degree wasn't the only option for them. My name is Jason Dannenberg, president of Watery Industries in Sheboygan and Premier Aluminum. Interesting. Do you or anyone you know, are interested in looking at us further check us out online. Jeff Wagner on WTMJ. Get back to the phones, Just a moment and, uh, getting some pushback. Yes. If I asked for a list of low lights, we could probably go till three o'clock and then some. But Dig deep here, dig deep couple of creative or maybe that queen but unique highlights. Then I'm gonna get two on the text line from the line. Please hold on. We will continue. But first we've reached the bottom of the hour. Tony Bedrock is here. He's got your headlines. Thank you, Scott. Everyone 65 older will soon be rolling up their sleeves for the covert 19 vaccine starting Monday, those over 65 will be joining frontline health care workers those a long term care facilities, police and fire to be eligible for the vaccine in the Badger state. A panel of experts commissioned by the World Health Organization criticizing China and other countries for not moving fast enough to slow the spread of the virus is back in its early days. The report questioning whether the U. N Health Agency should have labeled it a pandemic sooner and here at home, a 19 year old man accused of threatening a student with a BB gun and Walkinshaw South High School. We'll have to wait a little longer to see if he's fit to stand trial. Tyrone Smith, accused of bringing a BB gun to school. Threatening a fellow student back in December of 2019, his attorney, arguing that Smith has an immature mind who does not fully understand the severity of his actions. He's been since arrested two additional times. Time for the WTMJ Drinking Associates Market Update. At this hour, the Dow was up 148 to 9 30,063, the NASDAQ Up 1 77. 1 13,076, the S and P is up. 31 points. The 37 99 wtmj paella. W y dot com Time saver traffic.

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