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In business for eighteen years now. And i originally had kitchen bathroom renovation company and seventies in we hit a few million dollars intern. I had no idea what else doing it had in and full contractors. I'd met a woman along the way and had a couple of couple of keats than i remember waking up one day just in some pain realizing that i didn't have a basis. These jaw prison sentence. Like i couldn't even get there and get launched that my phone ringing off the hook and i think that's quite common for a lotta crises especially to try to that. We speak to them with will. And i just wanted how i'd go wrong but i wasn't educated. That business was educated on how to how to leverage things how to build systems and processes ultimately you know taught me. She took the kids and move to the other side of stroud left. We disagree with motivational job. Shit let a stress and feeling like there was no way out and i certainly never thought that you know i don as lighter i would have multiple companies that are doing big numbers requirement. Be they like lice. Because of what. I went through. I think in many ways it enabled me with the knowledge and understanding to now people not have to go through those same things. Perfect love it so much. So much truth that whole that whole situation as tried stateful. You brought up learning. tried him. Whatever you think. I'm just gonna go out. Their business oldies sweet mary Doing what i do know pointing early told any of that which is why. Why have a podcast while have catching businesses of what people were to be fan. We kind of preaching to the choir here. You know the is about gossip. People that are actually invested in grocery wanting to improve their businesses but from mark spirits through that all these guys in apprentice. Whatever you never really exposed to all these things that you learned post going into abuse those that you really should be leading pre..

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