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And i'll let let china kinda put her lists out there and then we can go from there. Can y'all hear me yes Okay so we still have some time to narrow down our list from twenty five to one. And i haven't quite gotten there but i'll tell you lose all my leaderboard right now and obviously the very difficult conversation to have right because there are a lot of great players out of there but right now my top two four greatest of all time and i do believe that my final selection will come from. This list is cheryl swoops and to make a catching now. What i will say about shirl swoops is this in someone. Brought me brought this to my attention on on twitter. That cheryl students. I believe is the only player to win four championships and win three. Mvp awards right. She was also defensive player of the year re times. I don't know if anyone has four rings which is the second most only rebecca brunson has five. So they're out there. Players have four now because you go houston go minnesota sue bird but she got four three. Mvp's and three defensive players that year so it says that she was the best player on the court as an mvp. She was the best defensive player and for rings. I don't know that anybody can match that. But i know what you guys are saying. It goes back to the field and all that other stuff. She was also one of the founding players in the league i ever had. We'll see your with nike. Like to me cheryl swoops it. I'm not there's no community aspect there necessarily heard the accolades but to me. She checks all the boxes now. Catching is probably like in my number two slot right now. And that's where it goes back to what holly said what you said about. Just feeling like a player is dominating. a gain like catch was always the hardest worker on the floor. Her intensity level her relentless lists like i will laid out there that i don't think any player that has ever played in this league has laid it on the line every night. The way to make a catching on both ends of the floor period. Five defensive player of the year. She did win an mvp attorney. She wanted finals. Mvp as well but that one to me less accolade driven more of just a feel for the way she could dominate the game in the impact. The game on both ends. So that's why right. Now i talk to okay. So let's get spicy can get spicy right out of the gate. Klay i want. I want one little note on something. Just to add to la- china's amazing breakdown there thorough breakdowns. Also for your sloops argument. Because she's all mindless she won. Mvp and defensive player of the year in the same season two times and so that also shows like the ability to dominate. Both sides want the highest level. Not once but twice and there've been a few players who've done at once but stoops has done that and as we continue. Go ahead make it spicy highly. Okay so. I don't know she was even the the goat of her own team. Right with I'm just. I'm just putting us out here. And i respect her immensely and i agree with everything. You're saying china. But i was kind of shocked when i started breaking down stats with cynthia cooper. Because i don't know that. We talk about cynthia cooper as much. She was also a four time. Wnba champion four time finals mvp two-time time regular season mvp and led the league in scoring for three years. She averaged twenty one points per game throughout her career whereas sheriff swoops only averaged fifteen points per game throughout her career. Now cheryl had a baby. She had other circumstances and injury. But i wanted to. I guess maybe ask you guys of wears scoring on your list of gauntness like if you look at the at the accolades. Cynthia cooper has as many but she actually was a higher level. Score than cheryl swoops. But she didn't have the defensive player of the year that swoops had so where is followed by separate those two highly. That's got me sure. You we city cooper toby out of her own mouth. I let them take the defensive in. She will tell you that yes me that out of her own mouth. So with that. Being said clearly cheryl was being a little bit more time in energy on the defensive end therefore you know her offensive stance may have struggled to bid. But you gotta be doing enough scoring three times in vp. I'm sorry we'll check in with listeners. Right now chris. Hairston cheryl's swoops is the complete goat We've got a deandra science. Hallam latina day call. J. call put a vote in for To make a catching you got diana to rossi getting avoid here from pad dad and i know we have so cindy brunson showed us loved throughout the conversation. And i know cindy brunson and and ceriga as well are listening and going to join the conversation i wanna hear from our wnba hashtag wnba twitter family here and get their thoughts on the conversation so that was just a taste of the conversation and hopefully get your wheels turning it. Gets you to thinking about players more than the guy. Just hope that you've heard some of that became the salvaging about the twenty five years in this league and how amazingly exciting it has been and how hard it is to get it down to twenty five players because there's been so many great in a pack of players in the wnba. So yeah it's a good problem to have. But i am interested to see what the fans think when voting all said done so cast your vote and thanks for listening to another episode around the rim. You can hit us on twitter at around. The rim pod will answer any questions. You have about this episode. You can also email us at around. The rim podcasts at g. dot.

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