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A lot of details of stuff that we have all been covering, but it doesn't tell you something fundamentally new about this White House, right? What we've known what is there is what we've known. So I'm trying to basically look for something that can. L. people about a different aspect of it, and I'm also trying to do more about policy because there's as we are all chasing the shiny objects. There's a lot going on that is going to impact the country for a long time, but really lady. 'cause when we talked, we talked, you wanted to reach a different kind of reader at the Huffington Post. You had just taken the job and obviously politics is big at that you cover and you have a big bureau there. How is that change? Does you thought that you really wanted to really reach out to a different reader than the Costa lead, I think, or house? How are you thinking about it? Yeah. I mean, I think I think it's interesting because the times is an institution because it's so big. I mean, there are fifteen hundred journalists so they can have people who are hyper specialized like Maggie who are breaking stories all the time on the Russia investigation the Michael Cohen, Paul Manafort and then also be out there covering have other people out there covering all kinds of of news all around the world. And I think for a smaller news organization. You know, you have to make choices and trade offs. So one of the one of the big choices that I made in this impart informed by a trip that we did across the country did a bus tour visited twenty-six cities and talk to seventeen hundred people over the course of this. And what was remarkable things about this tour was you could count on both of your hands in seventeen hundred interviews. How many people brought up Trump it just, you know, people could be that they were sick of it, or it could be that it's like voldemort the, you know, the the name, you dare not utter, but I think that you know what I took away from that is that you know there is a hunger for journalism on lots of different topics, and there are things that are absolutely affected in an influenced by the administration. We have always had a strong emphasis on healthcare for example. But we've also recently picked up a tremendous interest in affordable housing based on some of the things that we learned on the tour. We've always had a strong. Focus on LGBTQ issues. We've had women and people of color. So I think for us, it's not so much saying we're not gonna cover Trump because obviously we do. We have great Washington bureau that breaks stories and does a lot of great coverage. But that on particular stories like say, you know, the multiple investigations and the Trump administration. I think that there are a bunch of news organizations that are doing fantastic work on that, and I don't think we need to play the us to game where we're, we're chasing after the same scoops that they're get. So you know, part of serving the audience that we see is out there for huffpost is making those kinds of choices and trader different. But that said, I follow every single tweet from Maggie and ravenous, and we often cover the stories that others break because our audience wants to know about eating that. Are you back on Twitter temporarily? I'm just for today that's like a crack attic. Do you understand? I do. We have had discussions about the addictive nature of do you remember the night? I tweeted, you stop, stop, answering Russian bots, argued with Russian bots, yes. You've done a couple of interventions over. They have stuck yet..

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