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You, I was real. Thought. that. I did I thought it was. I think the idea of them working together to come up with this plan is harder to believe. First Place Academics Yeah but I but. I don't know I W A real fight. That's why you see. You could see Selena laughing at the end before the video goes because you want to know what before that video actually came out Selena called me telling me about the Jesse Taylor thing and the way she was saying I thought that she was telling me that academics Jesse Taylor to then. Being over and I was like a boot mind below. That puts the conversation that he haven't Jessica Taylor on history at a totally different light but then. I don't think that's what Selena was saying or maybe Selena. Just decided to start lying because you didn't i. DuNno I duNno. No offense Jesse whole no. Offensive Jesus. Christ, I don't WanNa talk about. Judge women we appreciate everybody. Gang Shit AOL DOT COM, tune in to our livestream right now after. This show what nine pm and also nine six pm tomorrow. You're going to be taken over the stream maybe you guys could show up with some positive constructive feedback and not just like, Hey, you suck yeah you guys are fucking rude that'd be through. The day. And the day. I love it I should like this our work because it's blue and it looks creepy but it's not actually Bana print so it doesn't fully put no jumper in the universe I don't really wanNA run like a CRIP podcast. Organization. Creepy appreciates almost love..

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