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In the pinch that my turn that might do i love as a really specific one but i love the have you ever heard the song waren american banned by grand funke railroad it's a 70s zong maybe and there are sections of it where it's just the instruments and the band is so tight together and the yes yes it's a it's a song that has cowbell in it and but there are some moments in the sections where it's words just the instruments that is such an incredible groove in its engineered so beautifully that it's like this you know when you hear a piece of music and all the instruments gel men is just like somebody is hitting you with like a velvet sledgehammer and is just so yeah it's that resonance its powerful but is soft yeah you know at it yeah that that i i just kept playing on repeat that thing over and over again and the guitarists you know he's like doing a palm meal with a with a guitar that's where you're kinda mute the stringent you allow leg with your thing and and it that's like in sync with the cowbell in the base and the drums all at the same time and so it's like just this massive single sound that has great groove to coletta now that's great song i give me another in another love i love to dance dancing is a huge love of mine i love moving i love dancing music at discount i hear music i just can't even said still for your favorite dancers obviously michael jackson obviously michael jackson yeah um michael jackson janet jackson tino like um i really love a lot of these these new the answer is young children under slight blow my mind these days and so you think you could dance m honestly like yeah michael jackson takes the cake this really really nobody else i've ever ever try to emulate or or love you know paula abdul madonna janet jackson a elliott dan split you know yeah michael jackson man.

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