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And did you see the debate last night this was one of the highlights if I'm elected president Mike my cabinet Mike and ministration will look like the country and I commit that I will in fact appoint a I'd pick a woman to be vice president there are a number of women who are qualified to be president tomorrow I would pick a woman to be my voice press center just to be clear the vice president committed to picking a woman as his running mate if you get the nomination will you all in all likelihood are you I will talk to me it's not just nominating a woman it is making sure that we have a progressive women and their all progressive women out there so my very strong tendency is to move in that direction and by the way the anchors were not six feet apart hi Lynn sweet is the Washington bureau chief for the sun times she's checking in with us this morning when it was nice to have a civil political debate wasn't well it was the worst some sharp elbows if I may say besides the ones that used to start up the debate may well but in general this was different because it was it was there was they there is wrangler but it wasn't as obvious there are differences in policy it got a little personal now and then and the most interesting thing was it was just two people on stage right John Bernie and I don't think there's any doubt the senator Sanders at perhaps a more passionate speaker but then vice president Biden but is it too late for Bernie Sanders well I think it goes into the Illinois primary with Joe Biden is the front runner if that's true and three other states voting tomorrow a Florida Arizona and Ohio then they don't get now to just be it ill be insurmountable for him to catch up so you eat D. Maxwell trying to put him out of range but until it happens I watch for is does he bow out to if it looks like you can't get the delegates or will he keep his campaign going and keep his supporters jazzed up about some potential both very long shot chance of getting the nomination I I say that because we know he did that in twenty sixteen kept going even when Clinton had the nomination all but wrapped up did you bite into anything to change the minds of Bernie Sanders supporters and vice versa for the senator I don't think there is any moment where either of them had a fatal blow turn around change you can capture initiated the campaign so now the better debater in some ways is Sanders because he he has it the point she has been talking about he has been doing for years but the mist what makes everything different is that this is the core of the virus crisis debate and the debate opened on that and five was just much stronger and what he would do going forward and good crisis gives the advantage to anyone who wants to talk the future and **** passed Senate votes and Sanders got stuck up yet I'm talking about policies imposed that bite and supported while the senator which happened before he was the vice president so it gave an easy habit or burn it for a very to to it gave an easy habit I'm sorry bordered by even to keep it cute correct Irish the boy was there talk about Medicare for all Bob which is something he's done consistently every time you spend in that debate an interviewer rally or any town hall but I didn't even say no he said we have differences but we could hold a policy difference discussion for another day let me just talk about what I'll do to address corona virus any suggestion that mission that I can and I think that will work well with the public because is let off the only thing that people are worried about now yeah it is right now Lynn sweet is a sun times bureau chief in Washington here's the lead paragraph on lenses column today with Illinois grinding to a halt because of the corona virus pandemic everything except the Tuesday Illinois primary voters campaigns and election authorities are facing historic and first time challenges we've never ever experienced something like this so right when we voted my wife and I early the other day the crowd was always busy not too busy though how do you think all of this will affect the turnout on Tuesday why do you try to make it lower I I just have to advise okay so my analysis it will be lower yeah JB Pritzker the governor said it will be well botched if you if there is any doubt in anyone's mind about safety about keeping his distance from people about catching things other people have touch ID and if you're not passionate about any candidate or the outcome it will be hard to see how that person would be motivated to turn out now there may be in some communities test places where you will do it because you care about multiple races and congressional race Senate state's attorney's race and the primary so the other thing that will maybe lower turnout is confusion we have these new voting places for some people they may test give up and say I don't want to run around looking for my voting place so if I say the approach everybody who's listening the super sites that were established in Chicago are open today and they'll be open tomorrow I think cook county it is allowing Kimberly both sides of the there that there are around so do check do you know to everybody it's a website and when you go if you are afraid of contact I interviewed one woman who although that date you's a delegate for Joe Biden Jill wine banks said she voted in Evanston I say this in my column Bob in a and she brought her own pen to sign in and she wore rubber gloves to the touch screen yeah yeah I think you could do to decrease any potential exposure and a lot of the judges usually work the polling places especially seniors are not going to be there so that's another way all this will be affected tomorrow on it you give yourself extra time make sure you do distance yourself from someone wash your hands afterwards check your wipes with you bring your own pen to the two year voting place so you don't have to worry about catching anything someone else has you should be common sense precautions and preparations you could take out now well you also point out the irony that white almost everything and I don't know why it's grinding to a stop people are working from home yeah I strive to be a bit close schools are closed the one thing that is going on tomorrow that you were supposed to do in person just about got it and we will lend sweet sun times Washington bureau chief thanks as always when I'm bowing now there's no shaking hands I'm just bowing to the telephone I guess I'm gently shaking hands thanks for having me on that show and everybody wash your hands all right have a good day Lynn thank you Wall Street is.

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