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NBA, Lebron, Lebron James discussed on The DA Show


I'm it's hard man you're in canton lebron shock last last question for you before we let you go gee think when lebron james leaves and goes to la or or houston or philly or some mystery team that anyone in the nba will ever take you seriously again not tyler everybody i kind of agree that the guy i kind of agree with the guy here's my question for you eight five five two one two four cbs and i'm i'm really curious i certainly have a perspective i love to hear yours lebron james is the best player on earth he's playing at the best level he's played perhaps in his career going back six weeks now get a ridiculous dunk last night so the guy's obviously still a pretty good athlete does at least those no scenario there's if anyone on sports talk radio ever says lebron broaden your team turn the radio off and never go back to that person i'm not saying that what i am saying is do you think in the next gig there's an advantage that can be one in whoever the head coach is putting their foot down lebron not for the ego spoelstra did this but because lebron needs to be given we all do have to be given limits does it make sense to recruit lebron and then once he signs on the dotted line if you're luke walton if you're my ten tony if you're anybody out there who gets the opportunity to coach him to call him into a room and respectfully be like we're going to coach the where we're gonna coach you you're not gonna yell at us on the bench you're not going to go after people through the media is there a benefit in trying to manage lebron james or do you just say you know what the guy is so talented let his ego do what is going to do let him break all the china let him to be a disaster just do you on the basketball court is there a way to manage lebrons it ain't gonna have tyler and maybe magic johnson together delivers the message eight five five two one two four cbs eight five five two one two four cbs take your phone calls on the braun sports writer on twitter swan do their sports rit are and.

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NBA, Lebron, Lebron James discussed on The DA Show

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