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It's 90 our day of the election. Which way is the economy going? So both teams economy so go here. Less than many things and many are talking about today is one of the country's leading economists and advisor to the president. We have with us Stephen Moore. Stephen, How are you this morning? I John. I'm doing well. Thanks for having me what's going on? Well, I think the big story this week, John and for the week ahead is what's gonna happen with the so called Pays for stimulus negotiations. They are not going well. Nancy Pelosi has dug in her heels. She thinks she has trump behind the eight ball. She, of course, has a $3 trillion by the way, said three trillion with a T, not $3,000,000,003 trillion plan, which was basically just Pour money into the coffers of all these left wing interest groups. It's not a stimulus spell. It's simply a away to a reward Allah for donors. It's money for the Illinois you know, pension system and environmental groups and etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Donald Trump wants to cut taxes He wants to deregulate. He wants to provide a shield. Our employers, so they don't get sued. Every time someone gets sick, Hey, wants health care transparency. So hospitals and doctors and drug companies have a lot of patients know what things clocks. He has an arsenal of good ideas. John. Here is the problem. Nancy Pelosi says no to all of those sex. She doesn't want to do anything. In my opinion, an opinion of the folks I'm talking to at the White House. The last thing Nancy Pelosi wants is a healthy economy in the fall because they want to win the election. So there's a lot of talk now on one of the things I've been advising the president, look go around, Pelosi. Why don't you do as much as you can, Mr President. Through executive action on then forced Pelosi to try to stop you from doing it, and I'll give you one quick example on the payroll tax cut, which is something you and I have talked about. In recent weeks on this, Donald Trump is very much in favor of Pelosi does not want to do it. Why doesn't Donald Trump give a major speech? The American people say I'm going to order the Treasury Department next week that stop withholding payroll taxes from workers paychecks to provide the must stimulus to put more money in their wallets? Of the 150 million people are working, and I'm gonna just I'm not for the rush of the year and that left Pelosi tried to stop him. I know. In other words, Trump has to take the offensive here Is he allowed to do that Mr More years while he You cannot. You cannot stop the tax because obviously, that's something that you enacting the law. But he has the right on. We're getting some legal opinions from White House counsel. It appears that he has the authority to defer those taxes. So in other words, he could say. For the rest of your workers are differed from paying attacks. Now, that would mean they'd have to pay the tax later. But here's the catch job. Let me know what you think about this what I'm going to do if I were president Trump work. What were advising him is say you're going to defer the tax and then tell the American people if you re elect me in the November I am going to the first bill, I will sign. In January 2021 is to cancel those taxes altogether. And so he could do that He could run on that against the Pelosi and by Democrats Steve Moore. How did that affect so security patch? Is the federal taxes go away or get hurt? Well, that's a great question, John and what I would advise the president to dio. Is when he issues this executive order to say I have authorized the federal Treasury to issue to the Cell Security Trust Fund and the Medicare Trust one where the payroll taxes go that they will be filled with federal bombs that are carry the full faith and credit of the United States government. So every penny that's taken out through the payroll tax cut would be reimbursed through bond so that there would be no negative impact. No negative impact whatsoever. Made benefits that promised herself security and Medicare. This is something we believe the president could do. He could seize the offensive. By the way. What does Nancy Pelosi going to do if Trump said, says he's going to put this into effect? How the Democrats really go run against a 7.5% pay boost for every working class Americans. I think it's a good time in a very tough position. What would Joe Biden say? So, John, I think this would be a very smart thing to do for Trump. I think it flips the tables on Pelosi right now. It looks like if he stays on the courses on He is going to have to negotiate a deal with Pelosi that conservative Republicans and it's going to split the Republican Party right down the middle. We need to be unified right now. We don't want to be divided. And this is something that could unify all Republicans even more. We've got a minute left. What else would you like to tell you, Marshal people? Well, look, we got this lousy GDP report which was very expected We lost 30% of our GDP. In the second quarter. That's what happens when you shut down the economy. But I want to let people know that that was a rear view mirror view of what happened in the economy two months ago. We are seeing a recovery. John we're seeing. It's not quite as rapidly as I like. But every single week we're seeing more and more people get into the work force. We've got to get America back up and running. No more lockdowns. No more shutting down. Businesses didn't work the first time. It won't work a second time. Ah, and Trump can get the economy on the right course in the wall, and he could get this Corona virus under control. I think he has a very good chance of being reelected, notwithstanding what the polls are saying today. Stephen Moore. Thank you so much for updating me marking people. Thank you, President. You two for the American people, and we'll catch up with you next week on update it's going on..

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