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My guess. The only good thing about subway is the smell of the bread when you walk into the WalMart and then afterwards. Afterwards. It's just like trying to ingest it top tip top two for anybody going. The subway. Aren't you look at the menu and whatever's cheapest on the menu get that. Because literally doesn't matter what you order it all tastes the same. Once they put all the same stuff on top of it. Once no matter what you order. It's always going to be all bread. Exactly. Just the bread. Red meat is the size of paper. And it doesn't matter which bread you get they all tastes like the same bread. So. I like I like a little Italian urban cheese. That's when usually. There's one that has a jalapenos on to right? I think I'll be new cheese. I'd only get the entire thin air. I been there forever. Subway in a while. So yes, if you look at me, it's it's hard to believe. I haven't been to a subway in a while. So it's official forty-one car a Haas automation going to sponsor, so gene, Haas chicken on this. We'll talk about that in the second. The second thing is second sponsors heiress and air set all along that they would like to stay with. Whereas, and I'm pretty certain because coming up in a second. We're going to mention the fact that both who was a best pro shops and auto owners insurance are both moving over from the now defunct seventy eight car to the nineteen car with Martin treks junior. And so my guess is that because remember that was all announced this week is well, my guess is that basically J G R was like, okay, if we can get tricks sponsors to stay on then heiress we're going to let you out of your contract. So you can then make the deal happen with. Whereas, and you know, and. Stewart Haas, which might be nice of him seeing as they fired dingus whereas through really no fault of his own. So and then that's I think that's really what's going to happen. I don't think we're gonna see ARIS on the nineteen car at all. I think they probably just released them. And that's why he's over there now. Yeah. Essentially, so, but the Hosoda mation part, okay? Every year for the past three years. It seems like with Kurt Busch. It's always been contingent contingent contingent on monster reopeing because gene Haas's like Alabama pocket. You know for a driver every so often, I'll do it. But I don't really want to pay them a pocket for driver. They gotta bring a sponsor. They have to have a sponsor. But now the sudden he's perfectly willing to be a partial sponsor Daniel Soroush is that hypocritical or did he just I mean is he says it's marketing thing do think it is a marketing thing, or do you think he was a little fed up with with Kurt Busch in general even though he made the playoffs. There could be some truth to him being fed up. But I think it's also marketing thing as well. I mean, you you get a guy like Dennis, whereas an automation, you think automation, you think Mexico. So I think I think it it helps a little to where my car was built. Exactly. So I mean, you're going to get you're going to get a lot more lot more of a reach with him in there than you would with Kurt Busch. I mean Suarez a young hungry contender and a guy who's probably wore them willing to go out and help sell things. Whereas Kurt Busch probably not so much. Yeah. I I mean, I said it before when it wasn't official. I'll say it again. Now, I mean, I don't think that Suarez really is. I don't think he lost out here. I mean, if anything it's the same, and I would argue that he's in a better situation now because he doesn't have to feel like he's feeling that she's of Carl Edwards and he's going to a team where all of the cars made the playoffs. Lash. Year. Yeah. The only downside is new manufacturer. And we saw how Chevy dealt with that last year. And that could really be the only problem. Yeah..

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