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One oh six one FM talk a body found in July thirty first in Candler is that of a missing woman the body of Elizabeth may man was discovered in the woods beside a whole one justice ridge terrorists more than two months after she was reportedly last seen by her boyfriend man's ex husband also said they haven't heard from her since mother's day the cause of death hasn't come back from the medical examiner's office but the Buncombe county sheriff's office is investigating it as suspicious explosive love to the fire department had been disposed Richards telling reports a Wayne County couple is under arrest and facing a host of felony charges for allegedly leaving two explosive devices outside the Dudley volunteer fire department Monica Lynn hunt and Corey Bernard manual were arrested Monday night firefighters call the explosive ordinance disposal team from Seymour Johnson airforce base and the S. B. I. bomb team on Sunday afternoon the explosives experts used a robot to move the devices away from the station I'm Richard styling during Housing Authority is making major changes in its affection procedures the changes announced Monday are aimed at helping more families who live in public housing avoid eviction they include getting reminders of writers rights to people who were late paying the rent informational making payment arrangements and rent assistance and hardship exemptions that could lead to rental charges being weighed Charlotte historians are trying to preserve what is considered Mecklenburg county's last standing slave housing Kathy white with the tails the log cabin sets off of plaza road extension near the Mecklenburg Cabarrus county line the Charlotte observer reports the local historic landmarks commission is going to preserve the dwelling and secure a historical landmark designation a record from previous owners shows the cabin was built in the seventeen sixties I'm Kathy white two of the triangles major universities are among the top fifty in money magazine's best colleges in America do comes in at number nineteen and see.

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