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I go, B, she seriously, we gotta do it. Yeah, I mean, I'm in a 20 year old kid. We do it again. And I watch him. Now he has to take a shit. So, you know what he does? He takes those nylons, he takes it. He wanted to make sure. He's running, but he's slow down a bit and he was just taking a ship. Puts his thing back on and he makes the 12 minutes. That's how great that's how obsessed with this guy was. And this wasn't even the test. He was just training for the time. He was like chelios before. Oh my God. What a story. Yeah. Like you're basically saying, can we just do it at 11? Like, why would you do it at 7? We got all two hours ago. You know, him, he's the veteran, right? What a great person. Well, him and Mark Howe. Lucky, Steve. What do you call it? SAP as I'm for practice. The rink. The stalls, yeah. So it's my third year, and I'm like, you know, I thought we had a day off. We had to come in practice. You know, you thought you'd think you'd make it, right? Your bitch and this is a joke. I'm bitching the trainers. I'm bitching to everybody. I sit down. Those guys tore a strip out of me. Who the fuck do you think you are? You guys are, you know, guys work 9 to 5. When your dad was a mechanic, what would he say? And I was sinking. And I went through practice, and I was like, man, you know, tail between my legs after practice. I remember taking a shower and beast says, hey, hurry up, we're going to lunch. What the lunch with him, Mark Howe, Dave pulling those guys, and we're just, we never mentioned one thing to me about that. It was there a way to say, hey buddy, we get it. But we had to wake you up a little bit. We had to wake you up. And those are the life lessons I got from those guys who knows. If I, you know, if I have the wrong guys, maybe I don't play as long as I did. I don't know, but those guys really helped my career. Did you see some of my hex doll snap shows over the years? Yeah, yeah. On and off the ice. He has his pads and he has his, he has everything perfectly, and if you touch, it's not big dressings back there. So you go by, I remember he touches patty, gets mad at you. He breaks those ESPN back then, those are cameras and after the game, he smashes, yeah, he was not taxi. What did you think as a flyers legend yourself? I mean, when Clark came up Bobby Clark came out this year and kind of blamed him for the drafts lately where we were a little surprised by that. Yeah, I'm a little surprised from clarkie, you know? Clark is a wonderful guy. He's, you know, ultimate he's a great GM for me too and a great player and a great friend. I was a little surprised. I don't know why he went that deep with it. Maybe there's some animosity there. I don't know. So I was a little surprised like you guys. Mark Hal. I mean, how many stories do you know about Gordy just from talking to him? Yeah, I mean, would you just pick his brain nonstop about that stuff? Yeah. Here's a Hall of Famer himself. Markel's and you can ask Wayne Gretzky and he'll say cock, but he'll put Mark Allen. One of the greatest defensemen he's ever played against. And one of great player like the best say that, you know how good Marcus. Who is this game like? Because I don't know much about him, like more all around, not just physical in his own way, you know, just body position, physical, quick strikes, physical, but he was a, if he wanted to cheat the game a little bit, he could be, you know, he could have scored more and stuff, but he was all around, unbelievable player. Yeah. Definitely a unreal Hall of Famer. And then February 92, you get traded at Pittsburgh. I mean, you talk about a team at Hall of Fame as Mario, Kevin Stevens, Ron Francis jager, Joey Mellon, Larry Murphy, Brian trotter, Scotty Bowman, coach, had you have been on a team with that much leadership. You must have hated them, too. Well, I went in there and the week before I broke a Troy lone his nose. So I walked in. I was thinking like the first took about a month to warm up to me, you know? But those guys were incredible and when I got there, they didn't like me when I obviously played against them, but so they'd won the cup the year before they had still this basically all star team and I remember you were telling me when you first got there, they ended up having a players only meeting. How long were you there for when they had the players? It was my second game and I haven't done anything wrong. Well they were just a little over 500 that team and they wanted to shake that's why they made this trade, right? And they wanted to get a little tougher and I remember we were in Calgary and they go, we have a team meeting with Craig Patrick and kind of like a room like this. Hotel room and there's like 24 guys in there and guys are like ripping Scotty Bowman. I sky this and you guys complaining and Craig Patrick was a great GM and he was listening and stuff and but the third guy in they go talk, what do you think? And I'm like I've just got here and I look around and I'm just thinking about you know I'm gonna tell you guys the truth. I said I look around I go, I see Hall of Famers and all stars in here. I said no offense and I love Scotty Goldman he's a jeers. I said a monkey could be behind. And coach you guys. That's what I said. That's a speech for the boys. We did say that. They all kind of laughed. But you weren't even joking. I wasn't joking. But Scott, no just right, he was on sky he was a genius behind the bed. He was one of the best bench coat bench minds ever ever seen. But we compromise, he didn't come to practice. That's really what was going on. Like, hey, Scotty, leave us alone. Yeah. Well, I just think they wanted to, yeah, it was a compromise. And Scotty was big enough to say, I no problem. But Scotty was a big reason why they won, but I'm just telling you that that was the speech. I was a two minute speech. They all laughed, and it was like, all right, let's go to school. We had a team meal. We're practices just a completely different pace given going from there to from Philly to Pittsburgh. Well, I'll tell you the difference. And when you played there, you guys played the offensive game. Like a speed game right. So in Philly was more dumping chase, corner work, get in front of the net, box out. Grind it, fight, whatever. So I get there and play with Marilyn and Kevin seems. I get it. I get over the balloon, I dump it in. I'm thinking Mario's screaming down the left, the right side to go get the puck and he just kind of looks on me. And so now it's my turn to go get it. I'll get it. So finally, the third time they do it, he goes, this isn't Philly buddy. We don't dump pucks in. We hold on to pucks. We make place. So I kind of, that was my lesson. Okay, you're right, I got to start making more plays. If I want to play on that line, you better start making some plays. Because I was programmed to mostly dump the pot. Yeah, that was your game. That was hard to do that. Yeah. And then at that point, what's like? Because you can't really pull the stuff that I guess he was pulling on later with the rangers when he's doing his own drills during team meetings because lemieux was the alpha, but was it still kind of yarn or Jaeger on his own in his own world then? Yeah, yax was like, he was a young kid and he's living with his parents, right? Everyone's parents. You know the story, they had a birthday party for him. This sports car. They had a thousand people. And we had a lot of married guys. They didn't go, I went, and I just got to trade there. And there was like 990 year olds. And I'm like 28 9 years. I'm hanging out with her 20 year old, 21 year old. And yeah, it's like, how did they get that many girls at this bar? I'm telling you. He was the man back then. Oh yeah. That was. Before Tinder and all these apps were created. Well, you didn't need tender. Did you guys give it to him about a salad or was everyone kind of? Yeah, you can do a little jealous then. You know what? The best thing that Craig Patrick did he's got Yuri hard Dina, a fellow check because before he was kind of reclusive, you know, he did smile..

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