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Remember that I do Lee dominating the just couldn't touch him yeah there's always one yeah that was during the immortal and it's always a world champion so that was a tremendous Philly team would awfully Ryan Howard you know all those guys Hey the Phillies had a chance to remember they got to the LCS the following year to that was what really holiday picks the up the no hitter right yep the no hitter in the first round again since that F. Philly team was you know it's obviously not a dynasty or anything like that but to get to back to back World Series in this era to get to the LCS is as often as they did in this era was a great accomplishment by that Philly team I couldn't stand them well what I give them their props yes we could stand them in at five o'clock on the fan but in going Roberts with one hour play will come back and get back to your calls at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six at tough times like this we know a lot of people might think that I don't have an outlet especially financially but that's where mark Rubin at one eight hundred lawyers comes in I know a lot of people are always on the fence about making a phone call to me and I know these are always tough phone calls to make but when we're out there struggling and we we have issues with potentially people getting laid off there's gonna be a lot of different things are gonna be happening where people are going to be struggling financially and we want people to understand that there are laws in place to manage and control that that whether it's credit card debt pompon on house payments car payments Irish issues medical issues it's about education it's about understanding what's out there and that gives you peace of mind it eliminates stress and put you into a much better position financially so if you're out there and you're concerned about these things I just urge you to pick up the phone let's run through your financial picture let's make some good choices for you I will start you have enjoying life instead of struggling through so let Marc ruby a steady hand during these turbulent times call mark now at one eight hundred lawyers or Dallas Texas legal dot com there's more classic baseball tonight at seven PM has we we played the Yankees Indians game for may twenty ninth two thousand nine the first day that the Yankees took sole possession of first place in what would turn out to be a World Series winning season and those are the first place New.

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